Weight Gain

Weight gain - With proper diet has baby fat. The cause of the child's weight gain is most improper food composition (excessive consumption of sugar, semolina, white bread, fatty products). Your child should not get the right tea, canned food, canned more snacks, cold and hot dishes. The child should also not overly sweet accustom to well-being of the child.

The fact that the child thrives well or not, says a lot of weight. Every newborn baby is in the first 3 -4 days about 150 -350 g less weight and only then will gradually increase. Stronger children uber weight more and more slowly returns to its original weight. In the first months of life, weight gain and increased gradually becoming reduced. Small minor children gain less. It is not unusual when a child one week will be added 120 grams and 250 grams in the next week. If the child is otherwise fine there is no need to worry. In the first months of life is sufficient to weigh the baby 1 week and 1 month later.See more information about weight gain http://www.reviewlization.com

Beware of drastic diets - If an individual reduce your daily calorie intake to 1200, the body gets little nutrients and must consume reserves. Fat cells are forced to release as little of their content, because they fear the "hunger season." This mechanism is genetically programmed into us since time immemorial.

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