Sound Therapy And Children

Sounds help induce sleep

If you belong to "chronic" insomniacs, calm the mind and relax the body help us healing sounds.

 Just put in the bedroom cod player (notebook definitely do not recommend) and quietly turn on the appropriate cod, lie down and start to focus only on the breath and pleasant tones.Read More Here Reviewlization

Sound therapy and children

Children by nature love nature - contact with trees, plants, rocks, animals, water.

 The sounds of nature act on them calmly and wellness. Sound therapy has proved particularly for children with physical and psychological problems.

Tip: Children very attracted to the sounds of dolphins.

How does it work?

At noon or afternoon, let the child lie down in a room ignite aroma lamp lavender or ylang-ylang, darken the windows, We turn the lamp (I recommend salt lamp, because it radiates healing orange light and clean air), let cod with relaxing music and let the child rest . Music should not take more than 30 minutes.

The child then slowly waking up, such as gentle massage

 Sound relaxation is performed daily for 14 days and then just 2-3 times a week.

A few words to the end

Sound therapy can also be made in the form of active relaxation, such as nature walks, where we are surrounded by rustling trees, singing birds, insects buzzing, and the sound of wind...

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