Cold Sores Are At First Glance Not Very Dangerous Disease

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Cold sores are at first glance not very dangerous disease that causes us rather cosmetic problems.

 In a healthy adult and it may be, for a pregnant woman and her unborn baby, as well as newborn but may be a herpes virus which causes cold sores, very dangerous.

 If you have the time of delivery sowing genital herpes, the virus could be transmitted to the baby, so the doctor will consider the possibility of giving birth by Caesarean section.

In a newborn would be disease could have a very severe course.

Shingles is caused by the same virus as chickenpox in children, so if you yourself had chickenpox as a child and now you are pregnant come into contact with such a sick child, talk to your gynecologist or obstetrician to protect your baby.

 In the first half of pregnancy as shingles or chickenpox pregnant woman serious, as can occur through the placenta to the transmission of the virus to the fetus and damage

 If you become ill before birth, the child may be infected with a disease then occurs within a week after birth.

Very nice Therapy: Heal you may just sound

Very nice Therapy: Heal you may just sound

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