Calorie Diets Do Not Lose Too Much Fat

It is therefore necessary to again reiterate that a drastic low calorie diets do not lose too much fat, but mainly water and glucose. His muscles just weakening and returning to the original board picks up again.
Bad fat - If a longer period of poorly we eat sweets and white flour products, body this situation occurs gradually and creates a one-way fat from the intestine to the liver and from there into the fatty tissue.

In a figurative sense, we can say that there are people who live almost on coffee and a cigarette and yet because of a "derailment" in the natural thinness. Nutrients are controlled by hormones, enzymes, and other factors and changes in liver fat and stored in fat cells.Read More About Muscle Building http://www.reviewlization.com/category/muscle-building-guide/

Nutrition - With a healthy diet can be one way to turn fat. One must consistently waive all foods that contain fat, sugar, white flour (cakes, white bread). You need to focus on new species and food preparation so that the diet contained the least energy, but the most nutrients while responding to a tasty and nicely modified food. For our health is of great importance not only to the composition of the food, but also its appearance.

Energy can lighten dishes while maintaining their nutritional value, using new innovative food, especially various kinds of vegetable protein, old-new grains - buckwheat, millet, various fortified products such as probiotic dairy products, etc.

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