Epidemic Lung Cancer And The Hope Of Personalized Therapies

Doctors around the world are alarming over the increasing consumption of snuff in women and adolescents failure, causing a marked reduction in life expectancy.

The data is devastating, however, more and more women and teenagers who walk on the streets with a cigarette in their mouths. Smoking has become one of the major risk factors of lung cancer so their research is expected for all the patients. Find out more helpful information from this webpage http://www.reviewlization.com/

Experts from around the world indicate that lung cancer is a health problem of great magnitude, and one in four Spanish people are smokers, with a worrying increase in women and youth. ‘In women, it has increased by 2% prevalence of lung cancer,’ said one expert.

In this sense, they emphasize the importance of individual progress, however, small to fight this disease. ‘They have identified the types and subtypes of tumors in lung cancer, which leads to provide individualized treatment based on the characteristics of each tumor, which have substantially improved the survival and quality of life patients; it is still a long way to go,’ he said.

Diego Villalon, Director of Spanish Group Psychosocial Cancer Patient (GEPAC) also defended access to innovative treatments without cuts but has asked that the research also takes into account the patients. ‘Drugs also need to retain the quality of life of the patient.

The president of the Spanish Association of People Affected by Lung Cancer (AEACaP), explained that ‘patients are not going to allow it to make cuts in lung cancer because the investigation means life for patients.’ Lung cancer is globally the most common cancer in the world, and with a mortality rate of 1.38 million a year, it is the leading cause of cancer caused death. Get further details from here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lung_Cancer

Also note that in the recent years, personalized therapies are being conducted depending on the particular characteristics (genetic, molecular) having a tumor in the patient. ‘While it has taken longer than other malignancies, such as breast, in the case of lungs, it is the treatment that is being accessed more quickly to individualized therapies,’ said one expert.

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