The Disadvantages Of Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a process of cosmetic medication based on the basis of non-surgical ways as it makes use of the several injections of pharmaceutical as well as homeopathic drugs, plant extracts, vitamins and a few added elements into subcutaneous fat. The injections supposedly aim the adipose fat cells. Mesotherapy seems to be a quick which is why people prefer it, but mesotherapy has some drawbacks with it.

•    You have proven results just like plastic surgery.
•    There are no standards or certifications to ensure that physicians and practitioners of the branch have had the required training, so you must be very careful to make a good choice.
•    Sometimes these treatments are almost as expensive as the procedure of plastic surgery.
•    Some promises sound too good to be true as reducing the amount of fat in specific places such as liposuction does.
•    There have been many cases of infections and other medical complications when using injections to burn fat, which in extreme cases, can lead to death.

At present, mesotherapy is banned in many countries of South America while in Brazil, some treatments have been banned for the fear of harmful results. 

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It is important to know that mesotherapy is not a permanent solution to obesity. Instead it serves the same purpose in many other fat burning products such as pills, massage, herbal teas, etc., but is allied to lose weight by eliminating fat.

If you really want to burn fat and you decide to use injections to get rid of your overweight, it is recommended that you combine it with a low calorie diet, drink lots of water and do exercises.

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