The Fundamental Rule In Skin Care During Winter

Prepare your skin for winter, richly reward you
In every season, you must modify your beauty habits. In winter, the greatest threat, which one should protect the face, large temperature fluctuations?

The transition from space in the winter your skin greatest burden the skin often arises flakes form with red veins and other dermatological inconvenience.

There is a large dehydration, surprisingly even higher than in summer.

So try your skin already slowly prepare for severe frosts. Ideally suited to the nutritional mask (I home-made) and "to drug" with vitamins A, E and C.

The so-called beauty vitamins help the skin hardens; smoothes fine lines and strengthen blood vessels.
Especially in this period, it is recommended to give preference before creams facial oils. But do not forget to choose between them.

While vegetable oils (olive or sunflower) are achieved by fine microfilm, but the skin is fully absorbed, facial oils (argon, rosehip and lavender) act in depth and create a layer that cools penetrate.

Excellent are also waxes, you must be in your hands first to warm up and then applied.
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