Understanding Your Metabolism

The Definition of Metabolism

Metabolism is a set of biochemical reactions and physicochemical processes occurring in a cell and the organism. These complex interrelated processes are the basis of life at the molecular level, allowing the various activities of the cells i.e. growth, reproduction, maintenance of the structures, and response to stimuli.

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For a concept as complex, it really casually we name, and that is when we think about only gaining or losing weight. But beyond metabolism, it involves all the functions of your body too.

A level of energy expenditure in metabolism, we can understand how the chemical process in which our body converts the calories we eat into energy. If your metabolism is fast, it is like a furnace that burns everything that you put near. If your metabolism is slow, it takes longer to burn the calories you consume. So it does burn calories quickly, it starts making the deposits we know as fat.

In case of slow metabolism, it does not mean that your metabolism is that bad and is not fulfilling its function. Take it from the Stone Age, did man have to marry and eat right? In fact, if do not eat chicken, tuna or do not eat anything at all, the metabolism is slowed down or becomes slow to burn the consumed calories.

Sure, we are not in the Stone Age, but still people keep putting their metabolism to work in a slow manner by eating little, skipping meals, crazy starvation dieting, etc.

So this slow metabolism is reversible with things as basic as eating and exercising in right proportions. If you have no real medical problem, the truth is that you put your metabolism to burn as if new. But you have to do your homework.

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