Spain Detects Imported Case Of The New Coronavirus

Health authorities have detected the first case of novel coronavirus in Spain. This is a 61-year old woman of Moroccan origin and resident in Spain, who in October traveled to Saudi Arabia, where, apparently, she was infected. The patient was admitted to hospital Majadahonda Iron Gate (Madrid) on November 1, suffering from pneumonia with severe respiratory problem, although she is not in danger. Her prognosis, said yesterday the Ministry of Health, is ‘favorable and stable’. The Ana Mato department ensures that an imported case, as detected in Madrid, and in which control measures have been established, ‘no risk to public health in Spain’.

The ministry and the Community of Madrid are now identifying closer contacts of the patient to make sure they are not infected by the new coronavirus. For now, said yesterday a spokeswoman for Health, has not detected anyone with symptoms of infection. Most people affected by the pathogen, which is transmitted by air and by contact, suffer from acute respiratory illness, fever, cough and difficulty in breathing. ‘This virus causes mild clinical symptoms in people with average health status. Although those with prior medical problems such as kidney failure, diabetes or some form of immunosuppression, but can cause serious problems or even death, ‘says virologist Luis Enjuanes, CSIC research professor.

The so-called new coronavirus or Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus Middle East (MERS-CoV) was detected for the first time in summer 2012 in Saudi Arabia. It is a strain of coronavirus - a pathogen that belongs to a large family of viruses that can cause anything from the common cold to respiratory and renal immunodeficiency, which has never before been identified in humans or animals. Since health authorities identified the MERS-CoV, we detected 160 cases, 64 of them fatal, according to the epidemiological data of the World Health Organization, which groups the figures that countries are required to report. Most -130 - has occurred in the Arabian Peninsula.

Enjuanes, whose lab is working on a vaccine candidate for this pathogen, explained that while its transmissibility is smaller than the flu virus which is ‘worrisome’ for people with health problems. ‘It has 50% mortality,’ he says. However, it responds well to treatment with a combination of antiviral.

In Spain, it is not the first case of new coronavirus found in Europe. The United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy have also detected the pathogen in people who had traveled to the affected area. Enjuanes and other experts believe that in the coming days, they could detect other imported cases of this virus, because in October, thousands of people traveled to Mecca (Saudi Arabia) for the annual pilgrimage. International health authorities advise that they go through special screening at entry points to countries where the disease has been detected. . If you need to know more in this regard, you will get more info related to this subject at http://reviewlization.com/

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