Preparation of Artificial Nutrition

Preparation of artificial nutrition - If a child refuses artificial nutrition is necessary to consult with your pediatrician about the suitability of different kind of food. Bottles used for feeding the child should be carefully washed and thoroughly rinsed and boiled. Boiling bottle perform preventative for intestinal infection about eight months. Like the bottle and teat also treated. The temperature of the milk has to be low body temperature, i.e. 37 ° C. Temperatures are controlled by a drop of milk on the back of his hand. Milk prepared from powder and baby boiled water after cooling to about 45 ° C. Higher temperatures would reduce the biological value of milk.

Fluctuations in food intake - When artificial feeding of infants may be fluctuations in food intake, which are self such cases, we try to give the child a tea and do not force him to eat. Even with artificial nutrition diet should be within four months exclusively milk. By four months, you can try other foods to at least partially complement some disadvantageous properties of milk.Read More Info About health and Fitness Go The Link http://www.reviewlization.com/

The transition to a mixed diet - It is not recommended to shorten the period of exclusive milk diet added before the fourth month of non-dairy foods. Also, we should not feed the baby solid foods before six months because the baby food first rather than sticks out from the mouth to swallow.
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