Influenza Epidemic Forgive

If you cough a lot, you can cough especially at night dampen SINECOD you at least a little sleep.

 For the case of moist cough is applicable should pregnant women can also use nasal drops available in the pharmacy.

Avoid the flu

Unlike the common cold, a common viral infection, flu is a disease that especially during pregnancy should not be underestimated. Ideally, avoid it during pregnancy.

Maybe this sounds impossible, but if you consistently follow the rules of prevention, most likely you will succeed.

Above all, do not go to places where there is a large concentration of people. Shopping procures either husband or let us delivers a great buy - this service offers a number of retail chains.

 A visit to the cinema or theater at least in the first trimester during the influenza epidemic forgive, and if it goes a little bit, do not ride public transportation.

 After coming outside to wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and antibacterial soap and you buy in a pharmacy and drugstore.

Limit your visit; do not kiss with her friends or colleagues. If you are planning pregnancy, consider influenza vaccination before conception.

Beware of childhood illnesses

If you have a home older child or children, you may want to be careful during pregnancy and children's diseases, some of which can bring your offspring from the team at kindergarten or school. Although mumps, measles and rubella with us vaccinate children across the board, they can occur in communities.

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