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3 Reasons That Hold Back The Process Of Your Muscle Building

Gaining muscles is a deep desire of men and sometimes, even after training, people do find themselves successful in growing muscles as compared to the efforts they have made. Let's try to summarize the main reasons that why the body does not grow muscularly as it should since in most of the cases, the errors are made when training is done in the wrong direction and things do not happen as they are supposed to take place. Without further delay, we list a few of the most common problems here.

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1) Technique

It is very important to perform the exercises in the correct manner. If you do forcing in the negative phase as well as in the positive, you are losing much of the benefit of weight training. So debug techniques and let get the advice by people with more experience and knowledge. Keep in mind that no one is born knowing all; therefore, everyone has to start from the scratch.

2) Routine

It is essential to make a proper routine and it is very important that you monitor what you have put in your routine and follow it regularly. You need to learn constantly from the routine you follow and look at the pros and cons of that training. You can gradually learn to be independent in order to be able to make your own changes in your muscle building routine knowing what is good or and what is bad for your body.

3) Monotonous Routine

The human beings never like monotony in any walk and activity of life; therefore, you need to apply a variety of exercises along with time for rest. In fact, in order to break the monotonous routine, the resting period is vital, and for one week after every three months of intense training, it turns out to be quite beneficial.


4 Issues To Deal With In Your Muscle Gaining Routine

One of the most common goals for which people enter into the world of fitness and the gyms is definitely gaining muscle, but surely you will meet a lot of people who go to the gym on daily basis, say at least four days a week without any gap, but their body does not get muscular at all. If you are one of those people who have trouble in gaining muscles, here you will find the 6 most important factors that hinder in the process of your muscle growth.

1) Feeding
It is certainly the key to any sports training and is not going to be less in this case. You eat with good reason if you want to grow muscles; you have to give the body enough protein to rebuild and enough carbohydrates for energy to recover and train in the optimal conditions.

2) Attitude

It is important to be positive and you will like what you do. It is no use doing what you do out of obligation for the reason that eventually you fall into the routine and fail to go to the gym. You need to put efforts into knowing how to be strong in training technically and methodically in the breaks and watch your diet, and only then you will get the enough positive results.

3) Weight

It is certainly a mistake to try to move more weights than needed in your intense routine as it can lead you to some injury in the end. You need to use common sense and go for increasing the weights with the passage of time so that you may reach your desired growth of muscles. So do not forget that you should gradually increase the weight as per your strength rather than trying to be a stronger person than the rest of the guys training in the gym.

4) Discipline

Remember that having a disciplinary training routine is the key to a person seeking to grow muscular body and the routine induces the food intake, regular suggested training session and the resting period. In fact, it is useless to go five days a week and come back after just chatting sessions with others along with eating junk food. And you must not look for an excuse skipping your visit to the gym for your workout because if you do it once, you will find the same excuse many more times.
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4 Factors That Hinder In Your Muscle Growth

Many of the people who train in the gym for gaining muscles do not get the body they want to and it seems very difficult to achieve the desired target. When they are in the course of developing a slim and athletic body, they might fall a victim of the common mistakes which becomes a obstacle for them. So there are people who go to gym regularly, but make mistakes due to which the muscles do not grow as they should. Here you will find 4 of such points.

1) Genetics

The genetics sometimes is our worst enemy and it seems to be impossible to go against it, and it is a clear cut fact that every body is different from one another. But you have to be understandable that you can fight against what you have had with absolute discipline, training and diet which can have positive results every time.

2) Resting

It should be clear that the muscles grow when you rest, so do not try to grow your chest or your biceps by training them every day. Rest is vital and you are supposed to rest at least 72 hours in case of back, chest, femoral, gluteal and quadriceps and not less than 48 hours for biceps, triceps, calves, shoulders, trapezius and forearms. Besides resting, sleeping 7-8 hours a day is also nuclear.

3) Intensity

The training must be intense. People go to the gym for a day and move weights believing that they are training; in fact, each workout should be as intense as you can. When you break more muscle fibers, the reconstruction certainly will provoke much more muscle hypertrophy. So sweating each session in the gym will produce greater results.

4) Mind & Willpower

The mind is vital part to know how to take the training with a clear vision and realize that this is a matter of time and training for consistent and considerable periods. Do not think that if you have done training for 2-3 months, you will have all he muscles and mass; remember that it is a grave mistake. You have to think about the long term training period when you will actually achieve the athletic and muscular body.
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How To Solve The Issue Of Overtraining?

The most important thing is to give rest to the body to recover as needed i.e. a couple of weeks without traveling on the bike or running smoothly anywhere. The strength training of the legs has to be soft and very progressive starting from scratch and without spikes. Progression, both in intensity and training time, must be slow and controlled. If you have the opportunity to get a massage in any spa, it is great, and if not, you can always perform it in the cold contrast showers for the warmth in legs.

The more important way to solve it is to prevent overtraining, and the most effective way to avoid falling into an overload is plan the training schedule. You cannot go training without knowing what your goal is and how long you want to do it and what your physical and emotional condition is at all the times. Knowing these three factors can develop a training plan that includes periods of intense exercise and rest weeks organized in a way that your body gets to be more efficient.

Of course, you cannot forget to stretch the muscles at the end of your training. Unfortunately, stretching is one of the unfinished businesses of sports persons. The lack of time, unwillingness or just the ignorance are often the main reasons of not stretching to the finish. However, you must bear in mind that the stretches are part of a good workout routine as you heat to prepare the body before undergoing an effort. You must also tell your body that you return to calm and so will prevent a possible post-exercise muscle tightening.

Active rest, undertaking the low impact and low intensity are ideal for your muscles to recover from the efforts that you have put in the training session. Brisk walking, swimming, dancing, playing with the kids are activities that can fill you with energy without subjecting the body to go through the unnecessary stress.
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How To Fix & Prevent Overtraining

Have you ever experienced having heavy, stiff or tired legs for a long period of time before or after training session? If so is your experience, you are welcome to the world of overtraining.

If you train the same muscles every day put it under a lot of intensity in your session or if you relax and let your body recover properly, the body will take its toll i.e. excessive sweating, chronic fatigue and lack of strength which are just a few symptoms of a workout above your capacity.

Overtraining is usually quite common in athletes and cyclists, especially in the form of overload in the quadriceps. These muscles are in great demand in both activities as they come to be the engine of movement in both sports, and unless we give them rest in the right proportion, it will eventually fail.
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In the weightlifting room, we can see people overtraining. If are you one of those who train several days at the same muscle group including the abs, you need to watch out for the reason that so much work can turn against you.

Remember that the principles of good training in any discipline including planning, progression and rest, you cannot afford a great effort to the muscles if you have not given them the necessary rest.

Resting is one of the most important parts of workout routine for the reason that it helps you rebuild what is broken or damaged.
The other important point is to avoid laying emphasis on one particular part for several days; instead you need to keep changing the focus.