4 Factors That Hinder In Your Muscle Growth

Many of the people who train in the gym for gaining muscles do not get the body they want to and it seems very difficult to achieve the desired target. When they are in the course of developing a slim and athletic body, they might fall a victim of the common mistakes which becomes a obstacle for them. So there are people who go to gym regularly, but make mistakes due to which the muscles do not grow as they should. Here you will find 4 of such points.

1) Genetics

The genetics sometimes is our worst enemy and it seems to be impossible to go against it, and it is a clear cut fact that every body is different from one another. But you have to be understandable that you can fight against what you have had with absolute discipline, training and diet which can have positive results every time.

2) Resting

It should be clear that the muscles grow when you rest, so do not try to grow your chest or your biceps by training them every day. Rest is vital and you are supposed to rest at least 72 hours in case of back, chest, femoral, gluteal and quadriceps and not less than 48 hours for biceps, triceps, calves, shoulders, trapezius and forearms. Besides resting, sleeping 7-8 hours a day is also nuclear.

3) Intensity

The training must be intense. People go to the gym for a day and move weights believing that they are training; in fact, each workout should be as intense as you can. When you break more muscle fibers, the reconstruction certainly will provoke much more muscle hypertrophy. So sweating each session in the gym will produce greater results.

4) Mind & Willpower

The mind is vital part to know how to take the training with a clear vision and realize that this is a matter of time and training for consistent and considerable periods. Do not think that if you have done training for 2-3 months, you will have all he muscles and mass; remember that it is a grave mistake. You have to think about the long term training period when you will actually achieve the athletic and muscular body.
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