How To Solve The Issue Of Overtraining?

The most important thing is to give rest to the body to recover as needed i.e. a couple of weeks without traveling on the bike or running smoothly anywhere. The strength training of the legs has to be soft and very progressive starting from scratch and without spikes. Progression, both in intensity and training time, must be slow and controlled. If you have the opportunity to get a massage in any spa, it is great, and if not, you can always perform it in the cold contrast showers for the warmth in legs.

The more important way to solve it is to prevent overtraining, and the most effective way to avoid falling into an overload is plan the training schedule. You cannot go training without knowing what your goal is and how long you want to do it and what your physical and emotional condition is at all the times. Knowing these three factors can develop a training plan that includes periods of intense exercise and rest weeks organized in a way that your body gets to be more efficient.

Of course, you cannot forget to stretch the muscles at the end of your training. Unfortunately, stretching is one of the unfinished businesses of sports persons. The lack of time, unwillingness or just the ignorance are often the main reasons of not stretching to the finish. However, you must bear in mind that the stretches are part of a good workout routine as you heat to prepare the body before undergoing an effort. You must also tell your body that you return to calm and so will prevent a possible post-exercise muscle tightening.

Active rest, undertaking the low impact and low intensity are ideal for your muscles to recover from the efforts that you have put in the training session. Brisk walking, swimming, dancing, playing with the kids are activities that can fill you with energy without subjecting the body to go through the unnecessary stress.
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