How To Fix & Prevent Overtraining

Have you ever experienced having heavy, stiff or tired legs for a long period of time before or after training session? If so is your experience, you are welcome to the world of overtraining.

If you train the same muscles every day put it under a lot of intensity in your session or if you relax and let your body recover properly, the body will take its toll i.e. excessive sweating, chronic fatigue and lack of strength which are just a few symptoms of a workout above your capacity.

Overtraining is usually quite common in athletes and cyclists, especially in the form of overload in the quadriceps. These muscles are in great demand in both activities as they come to be the engine of movement in both sports, and unless we give them rest in the right proportion, it will eventually fail.
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In the weightlifting room, we can see people overtraining. If are you one of those who train several days at the same muscle group including the abs, you need to watch out for the reason that so much work can turn against you.

Remember that the principles of good training in any discipline including planning, progression and rest, you cannot afford a great effort to the muscles if you have not given them the necessary rest.

Resting is one of the most important parts of workout routine for the reason that it helps you rebuild what is broken or damaged.
The other important point is to avoid laying emphasis on one particular part for several days; instead you need to keep changing the focus.

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