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To Tackle With Healthy Eating

"To tackle with healthy eating, is first of all something positive," says Reinhard Pietrowsky. Cause for concern is the matter only when dealing with healthy food for "overvalued idea", the one all other subordinate: Sufferers typically spend a lot of time to prepare meal plans and to get the "right" foods. Whether they taste them, hardly plays a role but once the temptation to succumb Currywurst, which often triggers them from guilt. "Often the victims accept no more invitations to because they mistrust what others cook, and go more and more to social isolation," says Pietrowsky.

Risk of malnutrition - At the end of the supposed super diet may even harm the body: Sometimes the diet is namely only of few foods together, so that there is malnutrition. So reports an Internet Licensees in the forum of "what we eat", "for a time it was really bad. I've almost eaten only fruit."

So far Orthorexia is not officially defined as a disease. "But that does not change the fact that there is indeed this phenomenon," says Pietrowsky. And apparently not rare: "In Germany, probably one to two percent of the population will be affected. This also has our online survey with more than 2,000 participants, found, "he says. Up to 35 years old women are affected, according to Pietrowsky not significantly more often than men. The aforementioned vegetables will help you greatly and you can get more info at


Singing Bowls are An Important Part of Yoga

"In the non-therapeutic range, such as the so-called singing bowls massage, you should cut down on the goal of the non-specific relaxation and not give the impression that one can achieve with these shells more."

Singing Bowls are an important part of yoga - But singing bowls come not only for specific treatments, but also for example in yoga for applications but where they are not part of a treatment, but acoustic signal. "We put bowls in a yoga class to draw the attention of practitioners, or to perform a guided meditation," says yoga teacher. Finally, the sound of the shells is more harmonious than as a whistle.

Feelings of guilt after the currywurst or the morbid "healthy food" - Some people plagued by heavy plate feelings when they eat unhealthy and eat for example fries with sausage. Spelt bread, whole wheat pasta, and salad, organic apples: Sounds wonderfully healthy! Actually, it's the same. But who is so fixated on whole foods that he would never touch a slice of pizza or some fries, which exaggerates. "When you are rigid in the diet and the preoccupation with healthy eating is self-perpetuating, it is a problem," says Dr. Reinhard Pietrowsky, professor of psychology at the University of Dusseldorf. For then begins the behavior to become compulsive: Experts speak of "Orthorexia nervosa". The word means something like "morbid health food".See more information at Reviewlization


Vibration Conversion For The Human Body

Vibration conversion for the human body - "The shell is vibrating by striking", explains the expert. "This vibration is transmitted in the treatment of the customer." Since the human body consists of a lot of water, the vibration am well guided inside the body.

No medical therapy - This process is also called Fuchs loud singing bowls massage. "A therapy in the medical sense is not that," she says. But it is certain: "The Singing Bowls treatment can help with many ailments." That could be solved blockades by transferring the vibration. This affects muscle tension, cramps, indigestion, but also emotional and subconscious blockages. Also, could help in falling asleep or pregnant while relaxing the singing bowl treatment.

Efficacy studies, however, one must look long, yet the treatment was scarcely been studied scientifically. Instead, there are mainly accounts of users who swear by the power of the singing bowl therapy. Lutz Hertel, Chairman of the German Wellness Association in Dusseldorf, the applications looks but critical. "It is very obvious that the sound of the shells has a calming effect and can help distract you from stress-causing thoughts.» The vibrations are also "something fascinating," in which you listen involuntarily and one feels seldom as unpleasant.
"The theories of effectiveness, however, are highly doubtful," but it would not be just that they are not scientifically proven. "Why efforts are being made to such explanations as that the sound and material vibrations enable all body fluids in a healthy vibration?" Read more health visit my webpage


To Get Relief From Headache

To get relief from headache push the head slowly to the chest. These and similar exercises can be learned with the physiotherapist or sports club. "When the headaches come through the computer work, then visual disturbances are usually the reason," says Mühlenfeld. Lack of oxygen or heating air may also cause headaches.

Relax by vibration - Metal shells with a bronze or brass-like alloy are the working tools of singing bowl therapists. Offset by a clapper in vibration and held over the body or placed on it, they should dissolve blockages.

She looks at first glance, not much different from other shells: a singing bowl. They are available in different sizes, and by their often-dark matt appearance reminds them of ordinary copper bowls. "Singing bowls are traditionally used in Asia, particularly in the Indian subcontinent common bowl-shaped shells made of bronze or brass-like metal alloys," explains Dirk Glogau from the Professional Association of Yoga teachers in Germany in Göttingen. "You give a long lingering sound when they are struck or rubbed."Read More About Health Visit

Vibration transmitted to the body - For a treatment you suggest singing bowls with a wooden stick or to loose, says Annette Fuchs, yoga teacher and singing bowls therapist from forest Churches in Passau. After that one, the shells either on the customer's body - lying on a couch or the floor - make a centimeter or carry away a shell over the body.


Even on Vacation Time Pressure is Bad

"Even on vacation time pressure is bad. One does not have to be everywhere and necessarily join the morning pool exercises. "

I'm off - Switch off mobile phones and e-mails cannot read - these are further advice from an expert on stress management: "It's important that you have nothing reminiscent of the work and the work does not even creeps in the holidays."

Thus, the effect will last long vacation; employees should arrange it before you leave so that waits upon return no mountains of work. "The greater the amount of work after the holiday, the faster the recovery will be lost," says Binnewies. Investigations showed that the holiday recovery is gone after three weeks on average, with many people even after one week. "They feel exactly the same way as previously stressed," Binnewies said.

Headaches: This exercise helps

Headache in the office do not just happen. They are often caused by stress or poor posture. Then help simple but specific exercises. "In 99 percent of cases stir headache of tension in the neck area here," explains Hans-Michael Mühlenfeld, member of the German Medical Association House. Tension may have psychosomatic causes, such as stress, or be caused by poor posture. To release the tension, recommends Mühlenfeld following exercise: The hands behind the head cross and push the head back - holding hands against it. This position should retain workers for a minute.Article Source By


Having Healthy Ingredients

1 roll - Preparation: 60 minutes

*300 ml buttermilk

*500 g flour on the counter +

*Fragmented 1 cube yeast (42 g)

*1 teaspoon salt

*1 small tomato paste

*2 cloves crushed garlic

*2 handfuls of spinach leaves (may be)

*300 g mozzarella

*1 beaten egg

*Spice for sprinkling (dried Provencal herbs, thyme, oregano ...)

Do lukewarm buttermilk, stir in 2 tablespoons flour and yeast. Keep warm, covered arise. In a bowl, mix the flour with the salt. Pour the yeast mixture and stir.

Work the dough on a floured pastry board and do not let it rise! Just divide it in half both halves of rectangles and roll on the longer side of each, cut into 3 cm distance of about 10-15 cm deep.

Brush the mixture of tomato puree and garlic spinach leaves treasures and mozzarella slices.

Pie so that you always overlapping strips of dough over itself. Brush with egg, sprinkle with spices and bake in a preheated oven at 180 ° C for about 40 minutes.

Ginger bread with apricots (coffee) 1 sandwich - Preparation: 45 minutes * 3 eggs * 170 g sugar * 2 sachets of vanilla sugar * 200 g sour cream * 200 g flour * 1/2 baking powder * 1 teaspoon salt...Get More Details About Health And Fitness Visit my webpage


Healthy Home Baking For All Occasions

Healthy Home baking for all occasions

Homemade bread, pastries and Roll with not only tastes great, but when its production line kitchen sensational smell - the smell of home.

Home baking for all occasions more photos in the gallery stuffed with smoked meat (beer)

1 loaf - preparation: 2.5 hours

*13 g yeast

*180 g unbleached flour

*120 g rye flour

*1/2 teaspoon salt

*1/2 teaspoon cumin and coriander To sprinkle flour on the counter and

*800 g cooked smoked meat

Stir in the yeast 2 dl lukewarm water. In a bowl, combine both flours, add salt, ground spices, add the dissolved yeast and mix for about 15 minutes, until a smooth, elastic and non-sticky dough. Make it a cake, and sprinkle it with flour, cover with towel and let rise for one hour in a warm place until doubled in volume.

Then roll out the dough on a floured pastry board on a slab 2 cm, pack it into smoked meat, shape into a loaf on a baking sheet lined with baking paper again, let it rise for 20 minutes.See more  Click Homepage

After the loaf into the oven preheated to 180 ° C and bake for about 35 minutes until crispy

After exposure to cold cut into slices and serve with pickles and mustard..


Sound Therapy And Children

Sounds help induce sleep

If you belong to "chronic" insomniacs, calm the mind and relax the body help us healing sounds.

 Just put in the bedroom cod player (notebook definitely do not recommend) and quietly turn on the appropriate cod, lie down and start to focus only on the breath and pleasant tones.Read More Here Reviewlization

Sound therapy and children

Children by nature love nature - contact with trees, plants, rocks, animals, water.

 The sounds of nature act on them calmly and wellness. Sound therapy has proved particularly for children with physical and psychological problems.

Tip: Children very attracted to the sounds of dolphins.

How does it work?

At noon or afternoon, let the child lie down in a room ignite aroma lamp lavender or ylang-ylang, darken the windows, We turn the lamp (I recommend salt lamp, because it radiates healing orange light and clean air), let cod with relaxing music and let the child rest . Music should not take more than 30 minutes.

The child then slowly waking up, such as gentle massage

 Sound relaxation is performed daily for 14 days and then just 2-3 times a week.

A few words to the end

Sound therapy can also be made in the form of active relaxation, such as nature walks, where we are surrounded by rustling trees, singing birds, insects buzzing, and the sound of wind...


Patients with Diseases of Internal Organs

How it affects us sounds?
Whenever sound enters the ears and meets the ear drum, creating a vibration effect depends on the frequency and volume. The sound is then spread bones, tissues and fills all the cells of our body.
Our brain has the ability to analyze the sound and then process it. Thus, our system of sound absorption is similar to our digestive system.

The fact that the sound fills every cell of the body can be used for treating various diseases, physical or mental.

How can we heal the body using sound?
To harmonize the body and mind can use the sounds of the sea, dolphin or whale songs, nature sounds - gurgling stream, a crackling fire, rustle of leaves on the trees, chirping birds, buzzing insects or playing a musical instrument

Tibetan place, drums ... For these purposes, we may using a variety of relaxing cod.
Who is appropriate for sound therapy?
Sound therapy benefit all of us, are suitable for relaxation, mental calming and refreshing overall.

Also proved to be pregnant and lactating women, patients with diseases of internal organs, respiratory and allergic problems or mental disorders

How does it work?
Ignite the aroma lamps such as lavender, sandalwood or juniper, let some relaxing music, and lie on your back, cover and Attentive listening to the tones. Relaxes 30 minutes Sound relaxation is recommended three times a week.You can find more information in this regard at


Cold Sores Are At First Glance Not Very Dangerous Disease

Seemingly trivial haze

Cold sores are at first glance not very dangerous disease that causes us rather cosmetic problems.

 In a healthy adult and it may be, for a pregnant woman and her unborn baby, as well as newborn but may be a herpes virus which causes cold sores, very dangerous.

 If you have the time of delivery sowing genital herpes, the virus could be transmitted to the baby, so the doctor will consider the possibility of giving birth by Caesarean section.

In a newborn would be disease could have a very severe course.

Shingles is caused by the same virus as chickenpox in children, so if you yourself had chickenpox as a child and now you are pregnant come into contact with such a sick child, talk to your gynecologist or obstetrician to protect your baby.

 In the first half of pregnancy as shingles or chickenpox pregnant woman serious, as can occur through the placenta to the transmission of the virus to the fetus and damage

 If you become ill before birth, the child may be infected with a disease then occurs within a week after birth.

Very nice Therapy: Heal you may just sound

Very nice Therapy: Heal you may just sound

Sound relaxation is recommended 3 times a week

A sound creates vibrations that enter deep into the body and have a strong effect on the human psyche. They help release suppressed energy and negative emotions. They release endorphins and bring peace of mind. Releasing the mind and then harmonize bodily functions. Is not that interesting?Information Resource By


Info About The Mumps Virus

Mumps virus in the first trimester could cause abortion, same goes for measles, which also can be the cause of some congenital defects.

Even more dangerous are the rubella against which we vaccinate started with us just because they can seriously affect the course of pregnancy and fetal development, and throughout gestation.

Virus Rubella can cause miscarriage in addition to damage ears, eyes and heart fetal developmental defects of the urinary and genital organs, central nervous system disorders and serious defects of the digestive tract.

The baby may also suffer after the birth of the late Rubella syndrome, which is manifested by repeated diarrhea, inflammation of the heart muscle, meningitis or pneumonia.

 All teething tends to be accompanied by adults at high temperatures, which, as already mentioned, dangerous to the fetus.

The disease unwashed hands

Enter viruses cause various diseases, which most often affects the nervous system, the cardiovascular system and skin.

 Enter viruses are present in the stool; a typical way of infection is therefore through unwashed hands after bowel movements or objects which that person has touched (such as door handles in public toilets).

As prevention is also recommended adequate washing or peeling vegetables instead, which can be contaminated if it is watered with water from the river, into which are collected faces?

Enter viruses can cause an inflammatory disease of the heart muscle of a fetus before birth or shortly after birth, and thus from about 38 week of pregnancy until the completion of the first week after birth.You will get more info related to this subject at


Influenza Epidemic Forgive

If you cough a lot, you can cough especially at night dampen SINECOD you at least a little sleep.

 For the case of moist cough is applicable should pregnant women can also use nasal drops available in the pharmacy.

Avoid the flu

Unlike the common cold, a common viral infection, flu is a disease that especially during pregnancy should not be underestimated. Ideally, avoid it during pregnancy.

Maybe this sounds impossible, but if you consistently follow the rules of prevention, most likely you will succeed.

Above all, do not go to places where there is a large concentration of people. Shopping procures either husband or let us delivers a great buy - this service offers a number of retail chains.

 A visit to the cinema or theater at least in the first trimester during the influenza epidemic forgive, and if it goes a little bit, do not ride public transportation.

 After coming outside to wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and antibacterial soap and you buy in a pharmacy and drugstore.

Limit your visit; do not kiss with her friends or colleagues. If you are planning pregnancy, consider influenza vaccination before conception.

Beware of childhood illnesses

If you have a home older child or children, you may want to be careful during pregnancy and children's diseases, some of which can bring your offspring from the team at kindergarten or school. Although mumps, measles and rubella with us vaccinate children across the board, they can occur in communities.


Dangerous Rising Temperature Of Your Body

We have good news for you: common viruses, which usually become ill due to the fall or winter, usually fail to influence the development of the unborn child or otherwise complicate pregnancy.

Dangerous fever

By the unborn child threatens, normally not a virus itself or your runny nose, stuffy nose or sore joints.

 The fetus is a dangerous rising temperature of your body and your defensive reaction of the immune system. In the first trimester of potentially dangerous was especially high temperature above 38 ° C, which would you failed to shrink after a few days.

In the other two trimesters had no fever is not a major danger, but only if it is really banal flu, and unless it is therefore a sign of a more serious disease such as rubella or toxoplasmosis.

 Common colds without fever or only slightly elevated body temperature are thus virtually risk-free.

How to treat?

If you just is not right, you have a runny nose and cough, the ideal solution is to crawl into bed for a few days and let the fuss.

Avoid and other drugs with aspirin, also do not take Ibuprofen or preparations in which the active ingredient codeine.

If you are not sure whether you can use a medicine, which you have at home, prefer to call your gynecologist or physician, which notifies you that you are pregnant.Read More About Health Visit

Do not forget plenty of fluids and vitamins, preferably in its natural form, i.e. in fruits and vegetables.


Days Of Fitness With Diet

Days of fitness with diet
Buy the current issue of the journal Diet and get free access to the fitness center. Diet Magazine invites you to "DAYS OF FITNESS". Come work out with us and spend the day in a healthy lifestyle. You can expect all-day program - exercise, training and personal consultations.

We have prepared lessons under the guidance of the Portuguese instructor, dancer and choreographer VITOR Mendes.

A unique combination of modern and traditional African dance and fitness full of energy and fun

10.00-11.00 Afro-Fitness (all levels)
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Tickets to the event is shred from the current issue of the journal DIETA
Time unsuitable for sick day How to manage sickness in the first trimester Mum

Time unsuitable for sick day How to manage sickness in the first trimester?
It can handle evolving baby brunt of the disease?

When an expectant mother becomes ill during the first trimester of pregnancy when the baby is developing all the relevant authorities, has reason for concern. Not so long ago, you were rejoicing over a positive pregnancy test, and now I just died in the first wave of autumn virus diseases. Black thought he did not have long to wait - the developing baby can handle the onslaught of the disease, when you yourself are feeling under the weather? Read More Info About health and Fitness Go The Link


The Fundamental Rule In Skin Care During Winter

Prepare your skin for winter, richly reward you
In every season, you must modify your beauty habits. In winter, the greatest threat, which one should protect the face, large temperature fluctuations?

The transition from space in the winter your skin greatest burden the skin often arises flakes form with red veins and other dermatological inconvenience.

There is a large dehydration, surprisingly even higher than in summer.

So try your skin already slowly prepare for severe frosts. Ideally suited to the nutritional mask (I home-made) and "to drug" with vitamins A, E and C.

The so-called beauty vitamins help the skin hardens; smoothes fine lines and strengthen blood vessels.
Especially in this period, it is recommended to give preference before creams facial oils. But do not forget to choose between them.

While vegetable oils (olive or sunflower) are achieved by fine microfilm, but the skin is fully absorbed, facial oils (argon, rosehip and lavender) act in depth and create a layer that cools penetrate.

Excellent are also waxes, you must be in your hands first to warm up and then applied.
Beautician further explain how the morning ritual should look in the bathroom When to wash your face, how to apply eye cream and day.Read More About Skin Care


Honey Contains A Substance Called Acetylcholine

Honey contains a substance called acetylcholine, which regulates blood pressure, bowel movements and to a small extent and activity of the heart. Honey is used as a natural antibiotic that acts against inflammation and also accelerates the healing of skin defects. The honey is contained trace element - zinc, which is important for the functioning of the body in many ways. Honey can be used by people with diabetes II type.

The only sting
Prick bee sting is annoying but for healthy people pose a threat. When apitoxin allergy (bee venom) but with just a bee sting and there is a health hazard. Especially dangerous is not a stab in the mouth or eye. It has been shown that before thunderstorm bee venom is more toxic.Read More Info About health and Fitness Go The Link

Bee venom as a treatment
The use of bee venom faces a range of prejudices and therefore such use is not so common. Beekeepers argue that due to bee stings do not know the pain of the joints. Using the bee venom has been used successfully in the treatment days. Such therapy, however, should be under the supervision of, any experimentation is not in place. Bee venom contains some ointments, which act on the treatment of inflammation of tendons or muscles. However, they are only on prescription.

What is suitable propolis - Raw materials for the production of propolis obtained from vegetable resins? The material used by bees for reinforced plastics, sealing combs and wrapping the body with them aliens, bees killed.Read More About Acetylcholine


Food is Always Protected From Insects

What to watch - Food is always protected from insects. Vegetables and fruit wash thoroughly and even those where removing the peel. Do not use the same knife for cutting meat and slicing food, not intended for heat treatment. Meat and eggs sufficiently heat Process. Avoid clogging harmful substances, low-quality, poorly the stored or processed foods. If the gray coating chocolate, nuts inside are not white but yellowish fruit at the stem is covered with white mold food rather discard.

Food Storage - Cooked food should be stored in the refrigerator in closed special dishes than two days, thawed food immediately and consume the Process. The fat in these foods become rancid very quickly and causes an infection. An example of a very common error is thawed pastry in homes as well as in stores.Here is info about Weight Loss

Honey as medicine - Honey was regarded in ancient Egypt as a means not only to heal, but also used to be part of many recipes for beautification. Nowadays rather think that you put in the honey tea or bread. The effects of bee products have yet a great success in treating many ailments. The treatment itself is used not only honey, but also royal jelly, propolis, pollen and wax. Pure honey contains about 30% glucose and 40% fructose to simple and easily digestible sugars are also a source of quick energy.


Recommended Foods Of Year

Recommended foods of year - If you want to truly benefit your body, you should choose foods that select specific organs, which is necessary in a given period of support. As regards fruit and vegetables is suitable eg to prioritize spring asparagus, spring carrots, garlic, radishes, turnips, leeks, broccoli, lettuce leaves, dandelion, nettle, parsley.

Support the liver and gall bladder and restrict dairy products. In the summer rather give priority zucchini, potatoes, green beans, onions, pumpkins, strawberries, eggplant, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cherries, peaches, apricots, and dried fruit. Encourage the heart, in the late summer spleen, pancreas and stomach, limit wheat and follow adequate fluid intake. In winter, nourish the kidneys and urinary tract, limit salt and red meat substitute fish.

Food should be fresh - When selecting foods, make sure the quality and prefer to pay extra and buy from the best sources. Food should look to look fresh and uncurled. Choose also by the color and smell and feel free to fruit, meat, fish and nuts Smell. Mold and sprays are feeling. The freshness of the fish indicates clear eyes. Buy frozen food, make sure to look and feel, whether they were once allowed pieces of ice.

The fish should be frozen immediately after harvest. For all foods, check the date of their consumption, composition and origin. Everything must be stated on the packaging. Follow also additives (preservatives, dyes, sprays). Be careful when buying ground meat, sliced fruits, and vegetables such as watermelon, cedar, etc.You can get more health information at


Ingredients And Recipes To Save Up Fats

It is also necessary to try new ingredients and recipes to save up fats and complete meals use vegetables and fruits.

Why diets do not work consistently? Diets do not work, mainly because they are based on a recitation from the very thought of food make us feel guilty. Rather than foods which specific dietary diet allows, we think of all that we must not eat during dieting. Our bodies are missing essential nutrients and minerals, because our menu only appears dry rice or a melon.

If we keep it all, then with great self-denial weight loss comes, however, when we have the next renunciation strength and return to normal diet, we find also that our weight has returned to normal and often even more will be added extra pounds. Why is this so? Our body understands adherence to the diet as starvation, which is a big scarecrow, which the body uses to defend itself.

How not to end up in a vicious circle - There are several principles that we should stick to our effort to lose weight was successful. It is particularly useful:

Eating regularly (if body Mori starving to eat a large amount of food sitting). Be careful to avoid the hungry wolf, it is very poorly observes temperance.

•Eat slowly and every bite properly than swallow it.
•Vegetables can be combined with two groups of foods we should not mix proteins and starches.
•Avoid industrially processed foods such as soups, biscuits, sweets, sausages.
•Stick with annual cycles and eat fruit and vegetables at a time when matures.

Follow the above mentioned tips to get the maximum benefits or visit to find more information.


Calorie Diets Do Not Lose Too Much Fat

It is therefore necessary to again reiterate that a drastic low calorie diets do not lose too much fat, but mainly water and glucose. His muscles just weakening and returning to the original board picks up again.
Bad fat - If a longer period of poorly we eat sweets and white flour products, body this situation occurs gradually and creates a one-way fat from the intestine to the liver and from there into the fatty tissue.

In a figurative sense, we can say that there are people who live almost on coffee and a cigarette and yet because of a "derailment" in the natural thinness. Nutrients are controlled by hormones, enzymes, and other factors and changes in liver fat and stored in fat cells.Read More About Muscle Building

Nutrition - With a healthy diet can be one way to turn fat. One must consistently waive all foods that contain fat, sugar, white flour (cakes, white bread). You need to focus on new species and food preparation so that the diet contained the least energy, but the most nutrients while responding to a tasty and nicely modified food. For our health is of great importance not only to the composition of the food, but also its appearance.

Energy can lighten dishes while maintaining their nutritional value, using new innovative food, especially various kinds of vegetable protein, old-new grains - buckwheat, millet, various fortified products such as probiotic dairy products, etc.


Body Need 1,200 Calories And Also Energy

Our body needs and also consumed in the supply of only 1,200 calories a lot of nutrients, but also energy. First there is a burning glucose, the smallest unit of carbohydrates. Glucose is also the only energy fuel for the brain and nerves. This is also the reason why at the time, reducing the mass has to be nervous. Women are far more nervous than men, because they have only 300 grams of glucose reserves (called glycogen).

Contrast, men have a 400 g. Each molecule of glucose is bonded to three molecules of water, so when a person loses calorie slimming cortex first and 2 kg of glucose and water, but no fat percentage.
The combustion of glucose - Glucose is rapidly burned as energy and fuel does not last as long as fat. Therefore hits the body after a further replacement fuel after protein. Liver together with muscles called convert amino acids to glucose, which is then consumed as energy. Click the link below to get more info

Fat cells will remain closed during metabolism consumes protein from connective tissues and muscles that it could create physical energy. The body of this diet also significantly weakened, because it necessarily lacks other nutrients such as trace elements, vitamins, valuable fatty acids. If a bark finish and begin to eat normally again, adipose tissue absorbs and creates triglycidy thickness even more - as a reserve for other possible starvation period.More Info About Calories


Weight Gain

Weight gain - With proper diet has baby fat. The cause of the child's weight gain is most improper food composition (excessive consumption of sugar, semolina, white bread, fatty products). Your child should not get the right tea, canned food, canned more snacks, cold and hot dishes. The child should also not overly sweet accustom to well-being of the child.

The fact that the child thrives well or not, says a lot of weight. Every newborn baby is in the first 3 -4 days about 150 -350 g less weight and only then will gradually increase. Stronger children uber weight more and more slowly returns to its original weight. In the first months of life, weight gain and increased gradually becoming reduced. Small minor children gain less. It is not unusual when a child one week will be added 120 grams and 250 grams in the next week. If the child is otherwise fine there is no need to worry. In the first months of life is sufficient to weigh the baby 1 week and 1 month later.See more information about weight gain

Beware of drastic diets - If an individual reduce your daily calorie intake to 1200, the body gets little nutrients and must consume reserves. Fat cells are forced to release as little of their content, because they fear the "hunger season." This mechanism is genetically programmed into us since time immemorial.


Artificially Nourished Children Vegetable Soups And Meat-vegetable Side Dish

At the beginning of the fifth month in artificially fed children and beginning of the sixth month in breastfed children start adding new foods. First, we start slowly at weekly intervals and gradually find out whether a child has or does not have an allergic reaction. In the fifth month, adding at artificially nourished children vegetable soups and meat-vegetable side dish. It is appropriate when we will include at least two kinds of vegetables and use the best fresh vegetables from your own garden.

Vegetables can be completed with 20-30 grams of lean meat (poultry, veal, pork). To food add about eight grams of high-quality vegetable oil. Soups can also add gluten-free cereals (millet, paddy rice, maize the beginning of the sixth month gives a child a fruit (fruit puree, fruit juice). Use mainly fresh fruit and can be used as a substitute for child snack.

Period full of baby food - Between the eighth and twelfth month of the infant has represented all kinds of basic foods. Gradually increase the value of mushy food to lumpy. It also depends on the development of the teeth, to teach the infant to bite, chew and swallow solid food. The child gradually leads to greater self-reliance in food. Child's food does not force a lot of food to the needs of the child. Appetite varies during the day and also depends on the health of the child. Some children have a sufficient amount of saliva, other long chew.
Get more information by visiting this site


Preparation of Artificial Nutrition

Preparation of artificial nutrition - If a child refuses artificial nutrition is necessary to consult with your pediatrician about the suitability of different kind of food. Bottles used for feeding the child should be carefully washed and thoroughly rinsed and boiled. Boiling bottle perform preventative for intestinal infection about eight months. Like the bottle and teat also treated. The temperature of the milk has to be low body temperature, i.e. 37 ° C. Temperatures are controlled by a drop of milk on the back of his hand. Milk prepared from powder and baby boiled water after cooling to about 45 ° C. Higher temperatures would reduce the biological value of milk.

Fluctuations in food intake - When artificial feeding of infants may be fluctuations in food intake, which are self such cases, we try to give the child a tea and do not force him to eat. Even with artificial nutrition diet should be within four months exclusively milk. By four months, you can try other foods to at least partially complement some disadvantageous properties of milk.Read More Info About health and Fitness Go The Link

The transition to a mixed diet - It is not recommended to shorten the period of exclusive milk diet added before the fourth month of non-dairy foods. Also, we should not feed the baby solid foods before six months because the baby food first rather than sticks out from the mouth to swallow.
Read More Info Artificial Nutrition


Required Nutrients And Artificial Feeding Infants

Particular attention is required nutrients: calcium, iron, iodine, biotin, vitamin D, magnesium. It is important to limit the use of refined foods (sugar, animal and hydrogenated oils and products made with white flour).

Great importance is put on enough magnesium, because when its lack can cause miscarriage, premature birth, and damage to the health of the mother.

Artificial feeding infants - If the mother does not have enough milk or milk loses too soon, it is necessary to give the child an artificial diet. When artificial feeding is necessary to ensure that it does not too big a hole. The amount of food the child shall be a primary volume. The adequacy of nutrition determines the weight gain of the child, which is similar to breastfed babies in the first three months from 150 to 200 g per week by gender, constitution and growth rate. Article Source By

The preparation of milk for infants should be performed according to the manufacturer's instructions on the packaging. In small children, or if a child drinks in small doses, it is possible to shorten the break as breast-feeding. Hour feeding is determined by the needs of the child. It is preferred that the last evening feeding was associated with bathing. Baby after bathing to sleep longer and longer forms a self-night break (5-6 hours) and then sleep through the night, at night, the child does not wake to feed.Read More  Artificial Feeding Infants


Epidemic Lung Cancer And The Hope Of Personalized Therapies

Doctors around the world are alarming over the increasing consumption of snuff in women and adolescents failure, causing a marked reduction in life expectancy.

The data is devastating, however, more and more women and teenagers who walk on the streets with a cigarette in their mouths. Smoking has become one of the major risk factors of lung cancer so their research is expected for all the patients. Find out more helpful information from this webpage

Experts from around the world indicate that lung cancer is a health problem of great magnitude, and one in four Spanish people are smokers, with a worrying increase in women and youth. ‘In women, it has increased by 2% prevalence of lung cancer,’ said one expert.

In this sense, they emphasize the importance of individual progress, however, small to fight this disease. ‘They have identified the types and subtypes of tumors in lung cancer, which leads to provide individualized treatment based on the characteristics of each tumor, which have substantially improved the survival and quality of life patients; it is still a long way to go,’ he said.

Diego Villalon, Director of Spanish Group Psychosocial Cancer Patient (GEPAC) also defended access to innovative treatments without cuts but has asked that the research also takes into account the patients. ‘Drugs also need to retain the quality of life of the patient.

The president of the Spanish Association of People Affected by Lung Cancer (AEACaP), explained that ‘patients are not going to allow it to make cuts in lung cancer because the investigation means life for patients.’ Lung cancer is globally the most common cancer in the world, and with a mortality rate of 1.38 million a year, it is the leading cause of cancer caused death. Get further details from here

Also note that in the recent years, personalized therapies are being conducted depending on the particular characteristics (genetic, molecular) having a tumor in the patient. ‘While it has taken longer than other malignancies, such as breast, in the case of lungs, it is the treatment that is being accessed more quickly to individualized therapies,’ said one expert.


UNED Psychologists Continue To Help Residents Of The Capital

The city of Guadalajara and the UNED Associated Center have signed an agreement that will continue the applied psychology service provided by the council with the residents of the capital that can receive free therapy to quit smoking, overcoming the difficulty of speaking in public, study skills, eating disorders among other issues. It also works with patients and relative associations that are trained to deal with examinations, supports and advises families at various crucial moments of life.

Applied psychology service is open to all who request it, and may also respond to community and social intervention programs. The staff is composed of psychologists and licensed and released in the Professional Association working in teams under the supervision of professional psychology or class teachers of the partner or external experts. These professionals are Fellows UNED Associated Center through annual scholarship, renewable for a second year, with a commitment of 25 hours per week in the mornings and afternoons. Visit this link

The signing ceremony was chaired by the mayor, Antonio Roman, and Associate Center Director of the Open University in Guadalajara, Miguel Angel Padilla. In this collaboration agreement, the City provides 19,000 euros in collaboration.


Health Authorities Issued Guidelines for Antibiotic Prescribing

A study released today warns of the dangers of overuse of antibiotics to treat certain infections in children, such as ear, sinus and throat, which in part may be contributing to greater resistance to these drugs.

The report, conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) in coordination with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes the need to be more ‘responsible’ by prescribing antibiotics to treat these infections very common in children.

‘Our medicine cabinet is getting empty of antibiotics to treat infections. If doctors prescribe antibiotics for patients, they take it carefully and take them as they were prescribed these medications can preserve that save lives and avoid entering the era post-antibiotics, said the director of CDC, Tom Freidan.

According to the report, each year nearly 10 million children, who do not take antibiotics, are treated for respiratory conditions they suffer since many of these infections are caused by viruses and should not be treated with these drugs. Visit this webpage for more information

A CDC study released in September 2013, found that more than two million people in the United States each year suffer from infections that are resistant to antibiotics and at least 23,000 die from these.

According to health authorities, inappropriate use of antibiotics has generated excess bacteria resistant to this class of drugs and is considered one of the greatest public health threats worldwide.

The report recommends that physicians determine the likelihood of a bacterial infection before prescribing antibiotics, and weigh the benefits and harms of antibiotic use, and prescribe the antibiotic and the proper dosage.

The CDC recommends avoiding the use of antibiotics for viral infections such as colds and most sore throats, among others.


Nine Spanish Hospitals Organized Walks Copd Patients

Nine hospitals throughout Spain organized tomorrow, World copd, outdoor walks patients obstructive pulmonary disease following an initiative of the Spanish Society of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery.

The objective of this activity is to ‘show patients as an activity as simple as a daily walk can improve your quality of life and slow the course of the disease,’ explained separ sources which is based in Barcelona. Visit more information from here

Scholars have noted that 32% of patients with EPOC are not physically active despite knowing that this would improve their quality of life and slow the progression of the disease.

According to doctors, increased physical activity in 1,000 kilocalories per week reduces the risk of death by 20%.

Therefore, with the collaboration of the pharmaceutical company Novartis, the separ has organized the campaign ‘March to the EPOC Dale’ to sensitize copd patients and their caregivers about the importance of physical activity, which is the first non-pharmacological measure to cope with their illness.

It is expected that more than 500 patients to participate in this action in which each pulmonology department of the hospitals involved has organized an activity outside of a hospital setting, a walk outdoors and a talk to educate patients and a simple daily walk’ is sufficient physical activity, easy and inexpensive way to improve your overall’.

Hospital morning walks are organized in Carlos Haya, Malaga, the Loja (Granada), the Canary Islands, the Tenerife, the San Juan de Alicante, that of Valencia, Navarre, that of Toledo, and the Montecelo of Pontevedra. Check out this link also

Experts have warned that EPOC patients generally show a trend of inactivity due to bronchial obstruction occurrence, the impact systemic disease copd or consequence.

Despite the recommendations of professionals, 32% of patients with EPOC do not perform any physical activity, 40% performed moderate exercise and only 30% a year according to their needs, according to a study in hospitals of Valencia.


Way to Study Regulation of Glucose Through Eye

Researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden have discovered an innovative way to study the regulation of glucose in the body: the transfer of vital insulin-producing cells of the pancreas in the eye. The authors anticipate that these results, published in 'Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences', have a significant impact about research on diabetes.

The endocrine part of the pancreas, the islets of Langerhans, produces and secretes insulin, the hormone that regulates sugar levels in blood. After a meal, hormone is released into blood in an amount which is in direct proportion to diet, so that blood insulin levels vary from one food to another, and between individuals. In the case of conditions such as obesity, you need large amounts of insulin to compensate for high food consumption and insensitivity to hormone. For more details, visit my link

Langerhans islets try to adapt to this condition by increasing the number of insulin-producing beta cells and/or modulation of individual insulin secretion in response to sugar intake. This plasticity is essential for maintaining normal levels of blood sugar and its dysfunction leads to diabetes, a serious disease that has reached pandemic proportions.

The biggest obstacle to the study of the exact mechanisms of the islets of Langerhans and how they adapt to the individual conditions is its relative inaccessibility. Now, however, the Swedish researchers have found a new way of studying the insulin-producing beta cells by transfer of the islets of Langerhans in eye.

‘We have achieved optically accessible cells by grafting a small number of islands reporters in the eyes of mice, allowing us to control the activity of the pancreas with just eye contact,’ explains the director of the Center Rolf Luft Research for Diabetes and Endocrinology, Per-Olof Berggren, Professor of Experimental Endocrinology in the Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery Karolinska Institute.

According to this expert, this methodology allows us to study the insulin-producing beta cells in detail in a way that was not possible before. Thus, the eye can be used as a kind of reporter playback pancreas activity, allowing the pancreas status readings under different conditions in health and disease.

‘Islets of Langerhans can be viewed repeatedly over a period of several months and our work shows that during this time, functional and morphological changes that occur in them are identical to those that occur in the pancreas,’ says the first author of this analysis, Dr. Erwin Ilegems, Rolf Luft Center researcher. Visit Wikipedia link also

Using the new monitoring and drug treatment, the researchers reduced food intake in obese mouse models, therefore, stopped the huge growth of the beta cell population, which means you can individually adjust the dose drug.

‘We will also use the system to identify new drug substances that regulate plasticity and beta cell function,’ adds Professor Berggren, adding that in the future, you can also design a similar use of these islets reporters in human beings in order to find unique custom treatments, measure the effects of personal medication or diagnose problems of the pancreatic islets.


Half Of All New HIV Cases Are Diagnosed Late

With late diagnosis, early death from HIV / AIDS increased from 17% to 72%. Factors associated with delayed diagnosis are being male, heterosexual, injecting drug user or Latin American and Sub-Saharan.

Half, 50.2% to be exact, of the new HIV cases are diagnosed late. As a result, mortality and especially early-mortality in the year after diagnosis-, is higher in patients with late diagnosis. Most new cases are men (82%) infected with STDs. This is the data from a study that sets out in the V National Congress of the AIDS Study Group of the Spanish Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (SEIMC).

The paper analyzed 5,062 new HIV diagnoses registered between 2004 and 2011 in cohort of AIDS Research Network (Coris), involving 28 public schools: 27 hospitals and diagnostic center. Of these new cases, most were male (82%), sexually transmitted infection (54% of men who have sex with men and 35% heterosexuals) and Spanish (70%). 36% were diagnosed between 31 and 40 years of age and 30% over 40 years. The study clearly showed increased mortality. Visit Wikipedia page for more information

Along the track, there were 185 deaths, a mortality rate much higher in patients with late diagnosis -2.1 vs. 0.3 per 100 persons, and the most frequent cause of death was HIV/AIDS (51%), especially in patients with late diagnosis (55% vs. 18%). When analyzing early mortality, the differences are accentuated, giving 115 deaths in the year after diagnosis -5.1 vs. 0.3 per 100 persons per year, and deaths from HIV/AIDS were more frequent (72% vs. 17%).

The percentage of people with late diagnosis is very high. The factors associated with delayed diagnosis were being male, compared to a woman, to be heterosexual and injection drug users compared with homosexual be older, present a lower level of education, and be Saharan and Latin American versus being Spanish. All the experts agree on the conclusion that ‘the percentage of people with late diagnosis of their HIV infection is very high and in some population groups, remaining constant over the years’. Therefore, ‘and since it involves a high mortality, especially early and associated with AIDS’, the authors emphasize the need and importance of designing and developing the strategies to promote early diagnosis of HIV.


Pulmonologists Seek Awareness About COPD

The population prevalence is estimated at 10%, or more, among people older than 40 years, so it is important to develop initiatives to improve the under-diagnosis and quality of life of patients.To determine the level of knowledge about the EPOC in Spain, separ has launched the study ‘Conocepoc’ and the data revealed that 17% of the Spanish population spontaneously knows what is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease read full info here

‘Ignorance on EPOC and its determinants in the Spanish general population remains still too high. For this reason, it is evident the need for more outreach and awareness activities,’ said the study coordinator and epidemiologist separ, Joan Soriano.The increased knowledge-added-contributes to an earlier and efficient diagnosis which would entail reducing the number of hospitalizations and improving the quality of life of patients suffering from this disease here is another link for more health info & reviews visit this website  Reviewlization

Compared to the results of the 2002 study, there is an increased knowledge of 2%. In addition, data has thrown that half of people with symptoms consistent with EPOC consult with their doctor, and only 62% of these had undergone ever spirometry (breathing test series).According to the results of Conocepoc, the region with the greatest knowledge of the respiratory disease is Extremadura with 22.6%, followed by 21.8% Aragon and Castile and Leon with 21.6% while Valencia is the territory with less knowledge, recording 10.4%.

Despite diagnostic and therapeutic advances, EPOC is considered as a serious disease among the most common diseases. According to estimates by the separ, EPI-SCAN study conducted in 2009, in Spain there are currently 2,185,764 people with EPOC, corresponding to 1.57 million men and over 600,000 women and 18,000 people die annually from this disease.


Superbugs That Threaten Global Health

The European Commission states that the overuse of antibiotics is becoming lesser; however, a report of increased European alert new antibiotic resistance is in process. This is compounded by the lack of new antibiotics in recent years; therefore, the experts make an international call to combat this serious problem.

Antibiotics do not kill viruses and although a survey just released by the European Commission says that more and more people internalize this message (and therefore less frequently used antibiotics unnecessarily), the reality is that such resistance of drugs remains one of the greatest threats to global health plans. The culprit is precisely the unnecessary and inappropriate use of these drugs.

‘It happens both in-hospital and at home. On one hand, people should not self-medicate and, secondly, doctors need training to improve the display of unnecessary antibiotics,’ argues Michael Sanchez member of the Infectious Diseases Working and Sepsis (GTEIS) of the Spanish Society of Intensive Care Medicine and Coronary Units (Semicyuc). ‘Through a culture could be determined whether it is a viral infection (where an antibiotic is not working) or bacterial (which does require antibiotic therapy), but the volume of queries and the time available for each patient is allowed to develop, so, on many occasions, such as preventive medicine and because the patient's request, in the end the doctor makes the antibiotic prescription’.

The pressure is especially noticeable in pediatric services, adds Jose Campos, National Center of Microbiology, Institute of Health Carlos III. ‘Parents, for fear that something happens and they see in the antibiotic antidote for their fever affected child, insist on this route indication’. Emphasizes, however, be noted that ‘the vast majority of respiratory problems in children are viral’. In fact, more than half of the children treated with antibiotics in respiratory processes do not need it, according to results of a study published in The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal. The same occurs ‘in adults, most processes are viral’ said Campos.

Ineffective & Harmful To Viruses

In these cases, an antibiotic not only ineffective (or reduces the time and severity of infection) but ‘causes a great effect on the bacterial flora that we all have and need for the proper functioning of the immune system.’

The unnecessary use of these drugs causes bacteria increasingly develop resistance to drugs (providing mechanisms to resist the drugs used to combat them), to the point of becoming a kind of 'superbugs' unbeatable. That is, ‘some germs get to be almost completely immune to all available antibiotics’ (MDR), says Sanchez.

A particularly dangerous, both experts agree, in patients admitted to the Intensive Care Unit, with chronic diseases, who underwent surgery. In general, people with significant underlying diseases, when you acquire a resistant bacterial infection, argues Campos, ‘takes longer to heal because it is more difficult to treat. Sometimes we have to use combinations for which we have enough experience.’

In short, prolonging the duration of illness increases the morbidity and the risk of death. Moreover, as ‘infected patients persist longer, this encourages the spread of resistant microorganisms to others (it becomes an epidemic problem)’ and all this expensive medical care. According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), in Europe some 25,000 deaths occur each year from incurable infection due to antibiotic-resistant bacteria and healthcare costs increased by more than 1500 million Euros.

Being aware of the gravity of the problem, both the World Health Organization as the most shaken by this global problem have been launched in the recent years  which is important to outreach and make awareness campaigns in order to reduce the abuse of antibiotics.

Increase The Resistance

Although it has managed to increase public awareness about it, still it is not enough as shown by the latest data released by the ECDC. ‘There has been a notable increase in resistant infections generation antibiotics’. Most tracks are produced by Gram-negative bacteria called Enterobacteriaceae, Klebsiella pneumoniae and E. coli, Pseudomonas and Acinetobacter), which also are the most frequent. Specifically, infections caused by Klebsiella pneumoniae resistant to carbapenems have increased between 2009 and 2012 by more than 5% in five countries, mostly in southern Europe.

These figures ‘show that antibiotic-resistant infections carbapenems are increasing in number and geographical distribution in Europe, which is a serious problem for many European hospitals,’ says Marc Sprenger, Director of ECDC. ‘It is necessary and urgent that all European countries incorporate national guidelines for hospitals to face up resistance to antibiotics and minimize as far as possible the impact on the health of patients.’

Do not forget that the problem of resistance joins ‘the shortage of new antibiotics in recent decades due to reduced economic investment, compared with chronic diseases’, as stated by the authors of a report by a panel of 26 experts and published in this week in the journal 'The Lancet'. ‘With the commitment and support of national and international politics, we must design innovative financing and sustainable models.’


In Spain, it is being worked out on two lines. Campaigns aimed, first, the prudent and rational use of antibiotics both in primary care and in hospitals, and homes for the chronically ill. That is, ‘that they rely to antibiotics if necessary and with the right dose,’ says Dr. Campos. Of course, ‘you should never self-medicate’.

As for hospitals, says Sanchez, in recent years two national projects ('Zero Bacteria' and 'Pneumonia Zero') very significantly have reduced infections in ICUs (about 50%). They have achieved through measures such as hand washing health professionals between patients with the use of masks, gowns, gloves, hats, etc.


Oncology Society Calls for a Plan like Cancer Transplant

The new president of the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM), Pilar Garrido, defends Cancer Plan, as exists in transplants or AIDS, and rejects cuts research, which is the best way to combat this disease.In an interview with EFEHealth, Dr. Pilar Garrido, first woman president of the SEOM, says equity and sustainability are the most important challenge in Spain on health and the fight against cancer and it ensures that no smoking is the first step prevention.

Dr. Garrido, Head of Section at the Department of Medical Oncology, Hospital Ramon y Cajal, Madrid, has shown his concern to health authorities because equality in health can be affected by the adjustments that are taking place as the economic crisis consequences.Our endeavor is to raise awareness for the cancer-related research which is not one of the trim points’ he says.

Referring to new cancer drugs approved after years of research, Pilar Garrido said: ‘We are detecting that the speed with which these drugs reach Spanish hospitals is not homogeneous, there are difficulties in access which is not equal for all’.Few dates after his appointment as president of SEOM, Garrido applied this strategy to expose the medical and scientific society, the most important in the fight against cancer.

‘It's about the stubborn defense of health equity, but also to collaborate with the sustainable health system, the treatments are expensive and have to be realistic and see, as a country, what we can afford to spend,’ he explains.The president of the SEOM expands its objectives: ‘We argue that spending on cancer articulating, a plan of action, is important as there is in transplant or AIDS, but must take other measures.’

Among them, mention the measurement of health outcomes, with a plan of labor quality health administrations, and also, he notes, check which bring new drugs and evaluate their benefits.From the conviction that the investigation is all in the fight against cancer, states that the SEOM Garrido brings about 400,000 euros per year for this purpose.

‘Survival rates we have achieved, exceeding 50 percent, are the result of research from previous years. Research on treatments, early diagnosis techniques, more efficient interventions with fewer side effects, all in a context clinical trials are the most rigorous ways to measure the results,’ he says.

Can you prevent cancer? Dr. Garrido answered preventable and lambaste some snuff to emphasize that it is the first and greatest risk factor associated with this disease, also alludes to the importance of early diagnosis.From his position, as head of the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology, Pilar Garrido launches several messages for cancer patients and their families.

‘You can trust the professionals in hospitals, both public and private, we have an efficient health to be maintained, a quality oncology, and encourage those affected to cooperate with the investigation in clinical trials,’ he remarks. The message is one of hope, reassurance and support," he summarizes.


Thousand People on Streets to Prevent Hospital Outsourcing in Carlos III

At least 500 people, including healthcare professionals and citizens who support the ‘white tide’, met at 12:00 am in the Plaza de Castilla to participate in a new march which ended in front of the Hospital Carlos III. Attendees have spoken out against the ascription of the hospital in the Hospital La Paz.The demonstration started in a critical environment in which shouts and chants were chanted against the Ministry of Health in Madrid and in particular the Minister of Health, Javier Fernández Lasquetty, and Ignacio Gonzalez, the president of the Community of Madrid.

The ‘white tide’ was headed by two banners. In the first, the workers of the Hospital Carlos III said ‘We will resist,’ while the second, by the Bureau of Public Health Defence of Madrid (MEDSAP), advocated a public health system.The demonstration, escorted by several police vans National Castellana elapsed through the emblematic Kio Towers until the Hospital Carlos III where was read a manifesto drafted by Medsap, organizer of the event.

The proclamation calls for maintaining the competence of hospital. The proclamation has demanded maintaining the competencies of that hospital, one of the leading national and international levels in the treatment of highly contagious diseases, rather than turn it into a media center and long stay employed by the Hospital La Paz.According to a management worker of Carlos III, Carmen Ontivero, ‘what they want to do is convert one of the referral hospitals in Spain in a nursing home.’ The worker also has urged leaders ‘not to forget’ the work that was done there for research on various diseases such as tuberculosis or influenza A.

For their part, the unions were also present at the rally and Jesus Jordan, Secretary of Trade Union established staff sanitary CCOO, said that changes in the hospital ‘end up’ with a high quality service for all citizens.The secretary of the Union of Practical Nursing (SAE), Mari Angeles Torres, has invited citizens to protest with them. ‘At the end of the day, we lose we are all patients and services, so we want more people to join these demonstrations.

The delegate of the Union of Nursing (SATs), Juan Jose Cano, said that since the organization also fears that this change in activity may involve layoffs at Carlos III which has been labeled as ‘disastrous’.


Amazing News - Spanish Scientists Create 'Mini Kidneys' From Skin Cells

The Center for Regenerative Medicine takes first step to create a kidney ready for transplant without the risk of rejection. It is the first time that human renal tissues are created in the laboratory.Kidney primordial was obtained in the laboratory of Juan Carlos Izpisua from human stem cells. They are marked in yellow human cells that have differentiated precursor cells in renal collecting system.

It was done in a few cells from the skin to a ‘mini Kidney’ by the grace of human regenerative medicine by the Spanish team of the Center for Regenerative Medicine in Barcelona (CMRB), directed by Juan Carlos Izpisúa. They have done so by using embryonic stem cells and iPS cells after reprogramming human skin cells from two patients suffering from kidney disease that causes the appearance of cysts in kidney.

The three dimensional structure generated in the laboratory is not like a miniature human kidney, not yet played the complexity of the whole human body. They are ‘mini’ renal collecting systems, with which it has been shown for the first time that renal tissue can be generated in the laboratory. It is, therefore, the first step in creating a human kidney from a patient's own cells, ready for transplantation without fear or risk of rejection. The key driver in the field of kidney regeneration is published in the journal ‘Nature Cell Biology’.

Since the discovery of an effective formula without ethical objections to transform skin cells into any other cell type (neurons, heart cells, liver, retina) several research groups have managed to create new tissues and human structures. So yolks have been developed as liver or ‘mini brain’. However, so far had little success in converting stem cells in kidney cells; hence, the importance of the work of the Spanish group is so high.

Juan Carlos Izpisúa explains to ABC from his laboratory at the Salk Institute in La Jolla (USA), where he combines his research with CMRB; ‘The kidney was, to date, the only body that had not been successful in generating cells efficiently from human stem cells. Generating valued mini livers or other investigators was minibrains created three-dimensional structure that itself. Novelty in our research is two-fold, first obtain a simple protocol for renal lineage cells, and on the other, show that are able to form three-dimensional structures.’

This protocol allowed to turn stem cells into progenitor cells of the filtration system and renal collection in just four days. Once achieved, the cells were re-plated in a structure of mouse embryonic kidney. The result is another three-dimensional structure similar to a human embryonic kidney.

With this ‘mini kidney’ 'is now a faithful model of polycystic kidney disease to study this serious ailment and test new drugs as if they rehearse in the patient. But the goal is to achieve functional organs for transplantation.

To generate a complete kidney is not easy because the body has a very complex structure. One of the options that Izpisua working group is doing is to use a mold that reproduces the kidney, as a skeleton, and then repopulate with cells. ‘The problem is that to cover the scaffolding or skeleton, it needs to be able to generate the appropriate cells and so far our work has been the only one able to get this far, but we still have a long way to go. Before you go running there is to know,’ he says.

The team from the Center for Regenerative Medicine in Barcelona now has two immediate goals. On one hand, generate nephrons (kidney cells) entirely human in the laboratory to mate with the manifold system that has already generated and on the other hand, induce directly kidney regeneration. That would mean that it would be necessary to create new tissue for transplantation, but it could repair the damaged kidney with a drug. ‘The fact that we found the signals needed to generate these cells in the laboratory has opened an amazing field to study endogenous renal regeneration with molecules capable of regenerating the kidney’, explains the researcher Read More Amazing & Informative Health News & Reviews Visit Reviewlization.

This group is already working on this track with urologists Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, the revolution in regenerative medicine.

It has just been 11 years since the Japanese Yamanaka discovered how an adult cell can turn back biological clock and turn into any human tissue. This theory successfully tested in the laboratory and has already given way to human experimentation. The scientific community looks forward to the first results of several clinical trials with this technology as it progresses faster than any other field.

The first condition being studied in patients is macular degeneration associated with age, the leading cause of blindness in the Western world.

Every day, announcing new efficient and safe techniques to generate iPS cells, the master key for generating human tissues. New developments, such as the one just given by the Spanish group, which opened a hope to think in a few years we will have a cutting-edge personalized medicine.


2 Basic Fitness Problems & Their Simple Solutions

There is something in our mind that makes us send down the drain even the best of intentions, and that is precisely our thoughts. If you really do not have a barrier or physical disability, what is it that is preventing you from reaching your fitness goals? First identify what the problem is and once you have recognized the basic issue, it is high time to find the solution. Here I put some of the classic and basic problems along with their solutions and you will see that they are equal to basic only.

Problem Number 1 – I have no time to do the exercise.

The Solution – It is not only you, in fact, no one has time to do exercise and sweat for a few hours in the gym or somewhere else. What you have to do is make a priority in your schedule, just as you do with other actions in your life i.e.  study, marry, buy a home, make an appointment with Dr, take the kids to school. Once you understand that exercise is a plus but not one of the core activities of your daily life, you make it easier to schedule it in your daily routine.

Problem Number 2 – I am always busy taking care of my family members.

The Solution – You need to plan the activities where you can include your family members like walking, hiking, physical games or anything else and you will se that no one will be hurt by your move even a little. If you have an infant baby, take advantage of the rides in the car to give yourself a walk or put it in a sling while moving.

Get more information by visiting this site


5 Low Carb Vegetables

The vegetables also have carbohydrates so it is good to know which of them can be lighter and make contribution of the fiber in your diet. Here are 5 of the most low carb carbohydrates that are found in vegetables which are s follows;

1) Spinach

You would love to eat this leafy vegetable if you really how beneficial it is. Spinach is a low carb vegetable and it is fully loaded with folate, beta carotene, iron and vitamin K.

2) Tomato

Although it lies in fruit category as well, this is mostly used as a vegetable and eating rally helps you greatly. It has a lot of vitamin C, vitamin A, and also has only 32 calories per cup. It also has a nutrient called lycopene which is what makes the tomato a super antioxidant that can protect you from heart disease.

3) Broccoli

In addition of being low in carbs, it has vitamin C, A and D, fiber and calcium.

4) Cucumber

It is refreshing and you can eat it in salad while it is also applied to use as a mask for tired eyes. It has vitamin C and K and its being low carbohydrate does not raise blood sugar.

5) Cauliflower

In addition to having few carbs, it has Vitamin C, calcium and fiber in abundance and gives more fullness than a sandwich. It is super versatile vegetable as you can use it in your salads or as a puree or soup.

Now grab your kitchen shopping list and include these low-card vegetables right now so you don’t miss them when you go shopping next time. The aforementioned vegetables will help you greatly and you can get more info at


Top 5 Muscle Building Tips for the Skinniest Guys – Part 2

This is the second part of the previous blog post about muscle building tips for the skinniest guys.

3) Avoid Overtraining

Avoid overtraining as it is not just difficult but also cause injuries and other problems. If you want to bring consistency in your workouts and doing exercises regularly, you should remember that it is really important to give proper recovery time to your muscle group. If a particular muscles group is still sore because of the training, you better not to hit it again until it gets recovered.

4) Drink Plenty of Water

Keep your body fully hydrated and carry at least a gallon of water with you. This is the best way to keep your body into ready-to-do action form for the workout. If your body is properly hydrated, this will allow it to lift more weight and build more muscle, and this will also speed up recovery process.

5) Follow a Proper Dieting Plan

When we say follow a proper dieting plan, it means supply your body whatever it needs to get stronger muscles. Your body needs proper amount of proteins, healthy fats and carbohydrates. In case of a hard gainer, the amount which has been suggested by the experts is 30% of protein, 20% fat and 50% of carbohydrates. Additionally, you need to take as many as 500 calories and this is an ideal amount to gain maximum muscle mass.

The process of muscle building requires consistency & dedication and if you make your exercises enjoyable, it will be really good for you. Follow the above mentioned tips to get the maximum benefits.


Top 5 Muscle Building Tips for the Skinniest Guys – Part 1

There are a great number of muscles building programs available online, but some of them are exclusively designed for the hard gainers. If you are one of the skinniest guys and have been trying to build muscle, these five top muscles building tips for the skinniest guys would be quite useful for you.

1) Follow a Proper Muscle Building Plan

There might be various muscle building plans out there but you need to follow a proper muscles building plan which is exclusively designed for hard gainers or skinny guys. This will make sure that you are actually using something which has been exclusively designed and developed to train your specific body. In other words, you need to follow a program which contains compound lifts such as bench press, pull ups, squats, dead lifts and rows.

2) Proper Rep Range

There are so many right and wrong sources of information about muscles building available on internet which most of the times create so much confusion among the people. Therefore, it is really important to utilize the most reliable source of information available online. Rep range is an important muscles building factor but there is lots of misconception about rep range. You might have stumbled upon some websites which suggest that lift heavy if you want to build size, and lift light if you want to tone your muscles. However, this information is not correct and you simply need to lift 8 to 12 rep range if you want to build size.

You can view the next part of this post HERE.


Diet Mistakes You May Be Making

To lose weight properly means that you go slowly with surety of consistence, and you have to have a little more in mind than dieting, because sometimes what we understand about how to diet has lots of meaningless actions, but in reality it is not even close to what we want. Maybe you are already doing the same thing without noticing.

You Start Eating Very Little.

That story of not eating to lose weight is more doubtful than those who say they have seen Bigfoot, but what is true is another story. Of course, you will feel slim if you stop eating, but it is an illusion and with barely eating again like past, your belly will swell as it was on the day one. The secret does not lie in eating less but beating right.

Eat Healthy

Sure it is fine to eat oatmeal, peanuts, avocado and olive oil. Make no mistake here and just consume the calories needed and if you eat more calories than your body needs, it will not help you lose weight. The best thing to do is to measure the food and keep your away from eating more.

You do not Eat Enough Vegetables.

Maybe you are not a fan of green and leafy vegetables and prefer that your plate is full of protein and starchy carbohydrates; fine, everybody likes that. But the truth is that vegetables are the major source of fiber that your body can receive and it will help stay satisfied for longer while your calories are almost zero.

Check if you are not making these mistakes pertaining to your diet and get on the way track and it is never too late. If you are willing to learn more, you would be interested to visit