2 Basic Fitness Problems & Their Simple Solutions

There is something in our mind that makes us send down the drain even the best of intentions, and that is precisely our thoughts. If you really do not have a barrier or physical disability, what is it that is preventing you from reaching your fitness goals? First identify what the problem is and once you have recognized the basic issue, it is high time to find the solution. Here I put some of the classic and basic problems along with their solutions and you will see that they are equal to basic only.

Problem Number 1 – I have no time to do the exercise.

The Solution – It is not only you, in fact, no one has time to do exercise and sweat for a few hours in the gym or somewhere else. What you have to do is make a priority in your schedule, just as you do with other actions in your life i.e.  study, marry, buy a home, make an appointment with Dr, take the kids to school. Once you understand that exercise is a plus but not one of the core activities of your daily life, you make it easier to schedule it in your daily routine.

Problem Number 2 – I am always busy taking care of my family members.

The Solution – You need to plan the activities where you can include your family members like walking, hiking, physical games or anything else and you will se that no one will be hurt by your move even a little. If you have an infant baby, take advantage of the rides in the car to give yourself a walk or put it in a sling while moving.

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