Utilizing Creams, Carboxitherapy & Ozone Therapy To Get Rid Of Cellulite

Since cellulite is a serious and widespread issue, the doctors and medical researchers are always in search of finding newer and more effective treatments to remove cellulite and the latest developments include carboxitherapy & ozone therapy in this regard.

1) Creams

Creams, considerably more effective and easy, are used to combat the fluid retention and unblock tissues, burn fat and smoothen the skin. They have triple action as they;

I. limit swelling
II. reduce the number and volume of adipocytes
III. improve the skin appearance

Ideally, you need to apply the alternating movements with massaging roller drainage and provided up and down.

2) Carboxitherapy

Carboxitherapy is one of the latest techniques to combat cellulite. It involves injecting subcutaneously anhydrous dioxide (CO2) with a fine needle and accompanied by a massage. The result is improved blood flow and fat mobilization, so it greatly improves the appearance of the skin and reduces the volume and heaviness of the legs.

3) Ozone Therapy

Another new technique is the ozone therapy. It is a little known method but very effective. The ozone therapy involves injecting ozone gas in the areas where the cellulite exists. Under the skin, this gas has the ability to attack the chain of the unsaturated fatty acids and fatty molecules converting them into hydrophilic lipophilic which greatly facilitates the cellulite removal.

These are a few available options for you to get rid of this irritating and embarrassing issue, so that you can have a better a life without any trouble. You can click the link mentioned underneath to find further info about cellule removal process at http://reviewlization.com/

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