3 Exercise Saboteurs

Perhaps you are already eating healthy or trying to eat healthy, you have all your exercise equipment from the iPod to enrollment in the gym and, yet something seems to be broken. The truth is that there are several factors that can make your workout not as perfect and easy as it should be and you feel lower in energy. Remember that once you are down, it is time to say goodbye to your mission to lose weight or build muscles. Here I give some examples of these saboteurs of exercises to take them out of your routine.

The Place

Whether you like to run outside or do it in a gym, the important thing is that the place you choose to exercise has to motivate you. If not that way, rest assured that it will abandon the same Thursday of that week where you said "Monday I start the diet/exercise".

That Time of the Month

This point can be an excuse for some women and the truth is that in those days when the girls have the period, they may be less likely to exercise. And the reality is that one of the best ways to control how you feel at that time of the month is moving. So fill yourself with energy and moves, even in those days.

The Time of Day

I always say that the best time of day to exercise is that moment when you feel better doing it. That is, if you are a morning person, it uses the sun's energy. If the evening is your thing, give it furiously. Do not be misled by comments about when they are burning more fats or when not. The best exercise is the one that is done.

Of course, the main thing is to listen to your body and do what you really should. Take out the bad energy in your life and let you fill good things, you will see that move is much easier this way.

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