Body Need 1,200 Calories And Also Energy

Our body needs and also consumed in the supply of only 1,200 calories a lot of nutrients, but also energy. First there is a burning glucose, the smallest unit of carbohydrates. Glucose is also the only energy fuel for the brain and nerves. This is also the reason why at the time, reducing the mass has to be nervous. Women are far more nervous than men, because they have only 300 grams of glucose reserves (called glycogen).

Contrast, men have a 400 g. Each molecule of glucose is bonded to three molecules of water, so when a person loses calorie slimming cortex first and 2 kg of glucose and water, but no fat percentage.
The combustion of glucose - Glucose is rapidly burned as energy and fuel does not last as long as fat. Therefore hits the body after a further replacement fuel after protein. Liver together with muscles called convert amino acids to glucose, which is then consumed as energy. Click the link below to get more info http://www.reviewlization.com/category/health-issue-guide/

Fat cells will remain closed during metabolism consumes protein from connective tissues and muscles that it could create physical energy. The body of this diet also significantly weakened, because it necessarily lacks other nutrients such as trace elements, vitamins, valuable fatty acids. If a bark finish and begin to eat normally again, adipose tissue absorbs and creates triglycidy thickness even more - as a reserve for other possible starvation period.More Info About Calories http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calorie

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