3 Less Healthy Holiday Meals To Lose Weight

Earn a few kilos during the holidays is a tradition so deep-rooted as to put the presents under the tree, but it needs not be so. Are you willing to work for your Christmas holidays and be happy and healthy? If you want to learn how to lose weight fast during the Christmas holidays, just check out the worst of the worst foods that are consumed during this time and see the objective to avoid eating these foods at all costs, especially if your goal is to eat healthily to lose weight.

Food # 1 – Fruitcake & Other Stollen

Although the exact recipe varies considerably, there are some products which are always bad news for fat level of tissues. These breads are incredibly dense, but also are filled with additives which make nutrition conspicuous by its absence. The marzipan, sugar and other fattening products are also included in them. Even the traditional recipes are not safe to lose weight as they often come added to these food density liquids such as soaking in brandy.

Food # 2 – Cheese Trunk

The plain cheese is far from healthy, but the trunk of cheese typically at Christmas, you will find most of the shops with meals less natural and less helpful for you to lose weight. Empty carbs like olives and diced peppers are just a speck in a log that is made with the vast majority of highly processed cheese and cream cheese. But most of its flavor and colors are completely artificial. You can create a log of cheeses which are a little healthier at home, but most of the ingredients will still be made up of fat and you will continue eating them accompanied by sausages and crackers.

Food # 3 – Eggnog

You may have missed this drink so typical of the holiday season, but it' is really the worst thing you can drink. Made with eggs, cream, sugar and liqueur, in essence, this drink is made up of almost all the things that are bad for you that can be served in liquid form. Chocolate chips or whipped cream crown generally do not help anything, particularly, commercial varieties contain more sugar than you could ever imagine.

As final advice for losing weight, you must always pay close attention to sugar and butter used to make meals and traditional holiday beverages. You can significantly reduce the quantities used to make them if you cook it yourself at home, but the products in the supermarket do not even bother to make them healthy.

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