UNED Psychologists Continue To Help Residents Of The Capital

The city of Guadalajara and the UNED Associated Center have signed an agreement that will continue the applied psychology service provided by the council with the residents of the capital that can receive free therapy to quit smoking, overcoming the difficulty of speaking in public, study skills, eating disorders among other issues. It also works with patients and relative associations that are trained to deal with examinations, supports and advises families at various crucial moments of life.

Applied psychology service is open to all who request it, and may also respond to community and social intervention programs. The staff is composed of psychologists and licensed and released in the Professional Association working in teams under the supervision of professional psychology or class teachers of the partner or external experts. These professionals are Fellows UNED Associated Center through annual scholarship, renewable for a second year, with a commitment of 25 hours per week in the mornings and afternoons. Visit this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychologists

The signing ceremony was chaired by the mayor, Antonio Roman, and Associate Center Director of the Open University in Guadalajara, Miguel Angel Padilla. In this collaboration agreement, the City provides 19,000 euros in collaboration.

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