Even on Vacation Time Pressure is Bad

"Even on vacation time pressure is bad. One does not have to be everywhere and necessarily join the morning pool exercises. "

I'm off - Switch off mobile phones and e-mails cannot read - these are further advice from an expert on stress management: "It's important that you have nothing reminiscent of the work and the work does not even creeps in the holidays."

Thus, the effect will last long vacation; employees should arrange it before you leave so that waits upon return no mountains of work. "The greater the amount of work after the holiday, the faster the recovery will be lost," says Binnewies. Investigations showed that the holiday recovery is gone after three weeks on average, with many people even after one week. "They feel exactly the same way as previously stressed," Binnewies said.

Headaches: This exercise helps

Headache in the office do not just happen. They are often caused by stress or poor posture. Then help simple but specific exercises. "In 99 percent of cases stir headache of tension in the neck area here," explains Hans-Michael Mühlenfeld, member of the German Medical Association House. Tension may have psychosomatic causes, such as stress, or be caused by poor posture. To release the tension, recommends Mühlenfeld following exercise: The hands behind the head cross and push the head back - holding hands against it. This position should retain workers for a minute.Article Source By http://www.reviewlization.com/

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