Oncology Society Calls for a Plan like Cancer Transplant

The new president of the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM), Pilar Garrido, defends Cancer Plan, as exists in transplants or AIDS, and rejects cuts research, which is the best way to combat this disease.In an interview with EFEHealth, Dr. Pilar Garrido, first woman president of the SEOM, says equity and sustainability are the most important challenge in Spain on health and the fight against cancer and it ensures that no smoking is the first step prevention.

Dr. Garrido, Head of Section at the Department of Medical Oncology, Hospital Ramon y Cajal, Madrid, has shown his concern to health authorities because equality in health can be affected by the adjustments that are taking place as the economic crisis consequences.Our endeavor is to raise awareness for the cancer-related research which is not one of the trim points’ he says.

Referring to new cancer drugs approved after years of research, Pilar Garrido said: ‘We are detecting that the speed with which these drugs reach Spanish hospitals is not homogeneous, there are difficulties in access which is not equal for all’.Few dates after his appointment as president of SEOM, Garrido applied this strategy to expose the medical and scientific society, the most important in the fight against cancer.

‘It's about the stubborn defense of health equity, but also to collaborate with the sustainable health system, the treatments are expensive and have to be realistic and see, as a country, what we can afford to spend,’ he explains.The president of the SEOM expands its objectives: ‘We argue that spending on cancer articulating, a plan of action, is important as there is in transplant or AIDS, but must take other measures.’

Among them, mention the measurement of health outcomes, with a plan of labor quality health administrations, and also, he notes, check which bring new drugs and evaluate their benefits.From the conviction that the investigation is all in the fight against cancer, states that the SEOM Garrido brings about 400,000 euros per year for this purpose.

‘Survival rates we have achieved, exceeding 50 percent, are the result of research from previous years. Research on treatments, early diagnosis techniques, more efficient interventions with fewer side effects, all in a context clinical trials are the most rigorous ways to measure the results,’ he says.

Can you prevent cancer? Dr. Garrido answered preventable and lambaste some snuff to emphasize that it is the first and greatest risk factor associated with this disease, also alludes to the importance of early diagnosis.From his position, as head of the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology, Pilar Garrido launches several messages for cancer patients and their families.

‘You can trust the professionals in hospitals, both public and private, we have an efficient health to be maintained, a quality oncology, and encourage those affected to cooperate with the investigation in clinical trials,’ he remarks. The message is one of hope, reassurance and support," he summarizes.

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