Dangerous Rising Temperature Of Your Body

We have good news for you: common viruses, which usually become ill due to the fall or winter, usually fail to influence the development of the unborn child or otherwise complicate pregnancy.

Dangerous fever

By the unborn child threatens, normally not a virus itself or your runny nose, stuffy nose or sore joints.

 The fetus is a dangerous rising temperature of your body and your defensive reaction of the immune system. In the first trimester of potentially dangerous was especially high temperature above 38 ° C, which would you failed to shrink after a few days.

In the other two trimesters had no fever is not a major danger, but only if it is really banal flu, and unless it is therefore a sign of a more serious disease such as rubella or toxoplasmosis.

 Common colds without fever or only slightly elevated body temperature are thus virtually risk-free.

How to treat?

If you just is not right, you have a runny nose and cough, the ideal solution is to crawl into bed for a few days and let the fuss.

Avoid and other drugs with aspirin, also do not take Ibuprofen or preparations in which the active ingredient codeine.

If you are not sure whether you can use a medicine, which you have at home, prefer to call your gynecologist or physician, which notifies you that you are pregnant.Read More About Health Visit http://www.reviewlization.com

Do not forget plenty of fluids and vitamins, preferably in its natural form, i.e. in fruits and vegetables.

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