Info About The Mumps Virus

Mumps virus in the first trimester could cause abortion, same goes for measles, which also can be the cause of some congenital defects.

Even more dangerous are the rubella against which we vaccinate started with us just because they can seriously affect the course of pregnancy and fetal development, and throughout gestation.

Virus Rubella can cause miscarriage in addition to damage ears, eyes and heart fetal developmental defects of the urinary and genital organs, central nervous system disorders and serious defects of the digestive tract.

The baby may also suffer after the birth of the late Rubella syndrome, which is manifested by repeated diarrhea, inflammation of the heart muscle, meningitis or pneumonia.

 All teething tends to be accompanied by adults at high temperatures, which, as already mentioned, dangerous to the fetus.

The disease unwashed hands

Enter viruses cause various diseases, which most often affects the nervous system, the cardiovascular system and skin.

 Enter viruses are present in the stool; a typical way of infection is therefore through unwashed hands after bowel movements or objects which that person has touched (such as door handles in public toilets).

As prevention is also recommended adequate washing or peeling vegetables instead, which can be contaminated if it is watered with water from the river, into which are collected faces?

Enter viruses can cause an inflammatory disease of the heart muscle of a fetus before birth or shortly after birth, and thus from about 38 week of pregnancy until the completion of the first week after birth.You will get more info related to this subject at http://reviewlization.com/

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