Top 5 Muscle Building Tips for the Skinniest Guys – Part 1

There are a great number of muscles building programs available online, but some of them are exclusively designed for the hard gainers. If you are one of the skinniest guys and have been trying to build muscle, these five top muscles building tips for the skinniest guys would be quite useful for you.

1) Follow a Proper Muscle Building Plan

There might be various muscle building plans out there but you need to follow a proper muscles building plan which is exclusively designed for hard gainers or skinny guys. This will make sure that you are actually using something which has been exclusively designed and developed to train your specific body. In other words, you need to follow a program which contains compound lifts such as bench press, pull ups, squats, dead lifts and rows.

2) Proper Rep Range

There are so many right and wrong sources of information about muscles building available on internet which most of the times create so much confusion among the people. Therefore, it is really important to utilize the most reliable source of information available online. Rep range is an important muscles building factor but there is lots of misconception about rep range. You might have stumbled upon some websites which suggest that lift heavy if you want to build size, and lift light if you want to tone your muscles. However, this information is not correct and you simply need to lift 8 to 12 rep range if you want to build size.

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