Health & Transgender Groups Agree Together on the Act of the Law In Andalusia

The government accepts that there is health care in all hospitals.

Pressure transsexual associations for the Board undertook to expedite the processing of transsexuality comprehensive law that has taken effect. The Andalusian government, parliamentary groups PSOE and IU and transsexual associations reached an agreement Thursday on several sections of the Act that were frozen since last February, when IU withdrew the draft that had been for four months earlier in Parliament.

The deal comes just 24 hours before the start of the hunger strike several transgender activists had called from now on the threshold of Andalusian Parliament at the lack of response from the Executive, which committed to process of law in the current period session. The release of the text was in a meeting yesterday with the Deputy Minister of Health, Aquilino Alonso, director of the Andalusian Women's Institute (AMI), Silvia Oñate, and parliamentarians Alba Doblas and Manuel Baena, UI, and Soledad Pérez and Veronica Perez of the PSOE. Late on Tuesday, and the announcement of the strike, transsexual associations that have driven the standard were invited to the meeting.

During the meeting, it was agreed the wording of several articles relating to health care for transgender people in which the above text was stranded at the reluctance of the Ministry of Health. The department heads now María José Sánchez Rubio (PSOE), however, accepted the proposals of transsexuals. Thus, when the law is passed, attention to this group, which is now centralized in the gender unit at the Regional Hospital of Malaga University (formerly Carlos Haya), will be offered throughout the public hospital network in Andalusia. The gender unit only centralizes genital reconstruction operations and will coordinate and investigate health care for transsexuals.

The group has also achieved the commitment by the Executive that the law registers before December 20, when it ends the current session. The agreement was transsexual association’s call off as they planned strike starting today.

‘This achievement should serve as an example to be aware that the unit of transsexuals will make possible all that we equate social changes in Equal to other citizens,’ he said after the meeting with Mar Cambrollé, president of Ata, for whom, with the approval of the law, Andalusia will be placed ‘at the forefront of Europe on non-discrimination based on gender identity and recognition of transsexuals’. Titled comprehensive law prohibiting discrimination on grounds of gender identity and recognition of the rights of transsexuals, the rule seeks to ensure the rights, according to its promoters, collected for all citizens by the Constitution and the Statute of Andalusia and, in the case of transsexuals, are not always met.

The agreement will be staged today at the press room of the Parliament with a public hearing by Mar Cambrollé and Angela Gutierrez (Co-Chair Fuzzy Sets Association) representatives of the parliamentary groups PSOE and IU. The latter was commissioned to record the law in October 2012, but withdrew the text in February, when they had received the approval of the Bureau of Parliament, by the doubts that arose, especially in the Ministry of Health and we could assume that the rule was rejected by the Governing Council. If you like to know more in this reference, you might like to visit www.reviewlization.com/

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