Artificially Nourished Children Vegetable Soups And Meat-vegetable Side Dish

At the beginning of the fifth month in artificially fed children and beginning of the sixth month in breastfed children start adding new foods. First, we start slowly at weekly intervals and gradually find out whether a child has or does not have an allergic reaction. In the fifth month, adding at artificially nourished children vegetable soups and meat-vegetable side dish. It is appropriate when we will include at least two kinds of vegetables and use the best fresh vegetables from your own garden.

Vegetables can be completed with 20-30 grams of lean meat (poultry, veal, pork). To food add about eight grams of high-quality vegetable oil. Soups can also add gluten-free cereals (millet, paddy rice, maize the beginning of the sixth month gives a child a fruit (fruit puree, fruit juice). Use mainly fresh fruit and can be used as a substitute for child snack.

Period full of baby food - Between the eighth and twelfth month of the infant has represented all kinds of basic foods. Gradually increase the value of mushy food to lumpy. It also depends on the development of the teeth, to teach the infant to bite, chew and swallow solid food. The child gradually leads to greater self-reliance in food. Child's food does not force a lot of food to the needs of the child. Appetite varies during the day and also depends on the health of the child. Some children have a sufficient amount of saliva, other long chew.
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