To Get Relief From Headache

To get relief from headache push the head slowly to the chest. These and similar exercises can be learned with the physiotherapist or sports club. "When the headaches come through the computer work, then visual disturbances are usually the reason," says M├╝hlenfeld. Lack of oxygen or heating air may also cause headaches.

Relax by vibration - Metal shells with a bronze or brass-like alloy are the working tools of singing bowl therapists. Offset by a clapper in vibration and held over the body or placed on it, they should dissolve blockages.

She looks at first glance, not much different from other shells: a singing bowl. They are available in different sizes, and by their often-dark matt appearance reminds them of ordinary copper bowls. "Singing bowls are traditionally used in Asia, particularly in the Indian subcontinent common bowl-shaped shells made of bronze or brass-like metal alloys," explains Dirk Glogau from the Professional Association of Yoga teachers in Germany in G├Âttingen. "You give a long lingering sound when they are struck or rubbed."Read More About Health Visit http://www.reviewlization.com

Vibration transmitted to the body - For a treatment you suggest singing bowls with a wooden stick or to loose, says Annette Fuchs, yoga teacher and singing bowls therapist from forest Churches in Passau. After that one, the shells either on the customer's body - lying on a couch or the floor - make a centimeter or carry away a shell over the body.

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