Patients with Diseases of Internal Organs

How it affects us sounds?
Whenever sound enters the ears and meets the ear drum, creating a vibration effect depends on the frequency and volume. The sound is then spread bones, tissues and fills all the cells of our body.
Our brain has the ability to analyze the sound and then process it. Thus, our system of sound absorption is similar to our digestive system.

The fact that the sound fills every cell of the body can be used for treating various diseases, physical or mental.

How can we heal the body using sound?
To harmonize the body and mind can use the sounds of the sea, dolphin or whale songs, nature sounds - gurgling stream, a crackling fire, rustle of leaves on the trees, chirping birds, buzzing insects or playing a musical instrument

Tibetan place, drums ... For these purposes, we may using a variety of relaxing cod.
Who is appropriate for sound therapy?
Sound therapy benefit all of us, are suitable for relaxation, mental calming and refreshing overall.

Also proved to be pregnant and lactating women, patients with diseases of internal organs, respiratory and allergic problems or mental disorders

How does it work?
Ignite the aroma lamps such as lavender, sandalwood or juniper, let some relaxing music, and lie on your back, cover and Attentive listening to the tones. Relaxes 30 minutes Sound relaxation is recommended three times a week.You can find more information in this regard at www.reviewlization.com/

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