The Liquid Diets – A Growing Trend

Although a few years ago, the liquid diets were not too well regarded and there were a small number of people who favored and followed the diets based on liquids. But today, the liquid diets are quite trendy, especially because of their simplicity, and in many case, the effectiveness of the time to lose weight in a quick time.

The liquid diets are totally recommended for those people who often do not make a very balanced diet and they do not have time to prepare the diet as well. The effects of liquid diets usually are something dramatic on the body.Nearly all of the liquid diets aim for the missing foods in the diet and replace something which can suppress the hunger for a prolonged period as the chosen foods often contain plenty of fluids while the solid foods are minimized. Ideally, you can consume a total quantity of no more than 1300 to 1500 calories and no more than 50 grams of protein per day.

Foods That Liquid Diets Usually Include

The foods that usually contain a lot of liquid are consisted of, of course, water, an essential source for humans, as well as fruit juices, butter, margarine, oil, creams, puddings, ice cream, frozen yogurt, popsicles, sugars, syrup, soup broths, soups, creamy soups (not containing solids), gelatin, soda, tea, coffee, and honey.

The contribution of proteins is given by foods such as meat (have to be strained or porridge), butter or margarine or sugar added to beverages.

It is indeed a diet somewhat difficult to follow for those who are used to eating solid foods and that often causes severe anxiety by the failure of routinely chewing food.

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