Honey Contains A Substance Called Acetylcholine

Honey contains a substance called acetylcholine, which regulates blood pressure, bowel movements and to a small extent and activity of the heart. Honey is used as a natural antibiotic that acts against inflammation and also accelerates the healing of skin defects. The honey is contained trace element - zinc, which is important for the functioning of the body in many ways. Honey can be used by people with diabetes II type.

The only sting
Prick bee sting is annoying but for healthy people pose a threat. When apitoxin allergy (bee venom) but with just a bee sting and there is a health hazard. Especially dangerous is not a stab in the mouth or eye. It has been shown that before thunderstorm bee venom is more toxic.Read More Info About health and Fitness Go The Link http://www.reviewlization.com/

Bee venom as a treatment
The use of bee venom faces a range of prejudices and therefore such use is not so common. Beekeepers argue that due to bee stings do not know the pain of the joints. Using the bee venom has been used successfully in the treatment days. Such therapy, however, should be under the supervision of, any experimentation is not in place. Bee venom contains some ointments, which act on the treatment of inflammation of tendons or muscles. However, they are only on prescription.

What is suitable propolis - Raw materials for the production of propolis obtained from vegetable resins? The material used by bees for reinforced plastics, sealing combs and wrapping the body with them aliens, bees killed.Read More About Acetylcholine http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acetylcholine

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