If the vision is already spoiled

Please note: if there is enough consecrated your workplace, whether glare. When you work at a computer, your eyes must constantly readjust: you look at the long bright monitor, then to a printed text to the side. If you need to type a lot of text, attach the monitor stand for a book or tablet. To preserve eye health, yoga advised periodically look at something pleasant sky, foliage, water, beautiful construction.

If the view from the office window you love, you just do gymnastics: zazhmurte eyes, count to 20, turn them first clockwise, then - against. Attach the window glass on the picture: look at her and then at the horizon.

If the vision is already spoiled, do not be shy to wear glasses. Or make the lens, otherwise make it worse. If you spend in front of the monitor for more than three hours a day (and in fact spend too!), Good use of computer glasses that will help protect your eyes. A room with air conditioning necessarily bury special eye drops.
Get rid of the pain in his hands - You begin to notice that in the evening and whine lomyat hands? Probably, mouse and keyboard are on the edge of the messy table, and at the hands of no support. Place your order in their instruments, put all into piles. Keep hands and elbows are on the same line - parallel to the table, and the hand lying at an angle of 90 °.

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