7 Strategies to Reduce Stress During IVF

 Someday there a time comes when someone asks for your ivf and you might say: "It was heavy, but it was worth it. I have already forgotten all the stress". And you smile at it.

But before that happens, you have to go through a difficult IVF procedure. Different doctors and nurses will enter the most intimate areas of your body with their ultrasound devices, duckbill and needles.

The administered hormones cause emotional and physical changes in your body, causing you to lose contact with your body. And in the meantime you get well-intended advice type: try to let it go, relax. Believe me, every woman who undergoes IVF treatment gets stressed. That is just reality. It would be weird if it were not. Depending on the protocol, it is about 4 or 8 rather tough weeks.

Based on different experiences and victories, we have put seven tips for you in order to make your IVF a little easier.

Tip 1. Dare to communicate with your caregivers

Before you go to an appointment in the hospital, ask yourself 2 questions.

Is it clear to me what will happen?

If the answer is no, you write all your ambiguities on an A4 that you take with you. Once in the hospital you discuss this with your care provider before you start treatment. You have the right to be informed and if you understand the procedure, you feel that you have control over the situation.

Do I experience negative emotions at the moment?

If the answer is yes, you write down these negative emotions on that same page. You also tell this to your practitioner. If the nurse or doctor knows what is going on in you, they can take it into account. Maybe you are anxious and need a reassuring word. Then ask for it. You may find it all very embarrassing and want to be distracted by talking about cows and calves. That is also allowed. Simply indicate, so.

Tip 2. Get in touch with a woman who has received a child via ivf.

She is your great example and she helps you stay positive. No one will understand and support you better if that woman has experienced the same as you. If it is not directly in your social circle, it can be difficult, because for some people it is still a taboo to talk about it and to ask about it. In that case a online forums is a good place to anonymously share your feelings.

Tip 3. Reduce the stress factors that you have an influence on

It is time to stand up for yourself and say no to everyone who is currently causing stress in you. Do not accept a new project or new assignment, apologize for the late meeting. If you can, work half-days in the stimulation phase or take your time off. Take a moment of social obligations that cost you more energy than pleasure and relaxation. Explain this to your partner and ask him to support you in this.

Tip 4. Stand in your female power

Through the medical interventions you can feel like a patient and lose contact with being a woman. Besides being able to give life, as a woman you also have other creative and creative talents. Get in touch with this and forget about feminism and make contact with the primeval woman in yourself. Therefore you do not lose yourself during the treatment.

Tip 5. Go nature in

Forest, heath, pasture or the beach - it does not matter. If you are outside. Exposing to the outside air, even if it is cloudy, promotes the production of vitamin D. This has a positive effect on our mood. In addition, nature and mild movement bring more relaxation.

Tip 6. Choose the right form of exercise

Sports is healthy, but not all sports are recommended during this period! Do not do any sport where you get out of breath, such as running, racing or lifting heavy weights. Your muscles will need intensive blood supply to provide the muscle cells with oxygen. During your training, less blood goes to your internal organs, so also to your ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus.

Tip 7. Treat yourself to an acupuncture treatment

Various studies have shown that acupuncture reduces stress. Endorphins are released, so-called happiness hormones. This makes you feel relaxed within minutes after putting the needles. There are even studies that have determined the stress-reducing effect of acupuncture during ivf. Choose an acupuncturist who has the right in-service training and sufficient experience with IVF guidance or visit shebaonline.org for better consultation. In addition, it is important that you yourself have a good click with your acupuncturist.

These were they, the 7 tips to make it easier for you. I wish you your heart's desire to be fulfilled and that within a year you have your baby in your arms and smiles.

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