Anti-Cellulite Massage Technique - Truth About Cellulite Scam

Deciding on a course can massage, you should be familiar with contraindications for the procedure. Contraindications bit, but they must be taken seriously. Truth About Cellulite Program Not recommended massage under the following conditions:
•    Fractures;
•    Recurrent thrombophlebitis;
•    Cholelithiasis;
•    Urolithiasis;
•    Any inflammation and disease in the acute stage of the internal organs.
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Anti-cellulite massage technique canned - Many people wonder how to do cupping cellulite massage at home. Remember that the salon treatment will be still more effective relief. Stages of can be represented as follows:-
•    Leather preheated (for example, under a stream of hot water).
•    Pending Vaseline, a special gel, warm vegetable oil or a mixture of vegetable and essential oils, anti-cellulite cream.
•    Bank fingers tightly compressed and placed on the area of impact.
•    The bank carries out circular and zigzag movement on the treated surface.
•    Cleared another bank by pressing your fingers on it.
 The procedure lasts about 10 - 20 minutes; it is recommended that a day rate of 15 - 20 sessions. In the year you can take 2 or 3 courses (depending on the degree of cellulite). Such equipment can massage anti-cellulite, which eliminates the extra folds of fat and ugly "orange" peel, allowing you to show off in a swimsuit in the pool and on the beach.
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