These Wonderful Remedies for the Eye

Baths ... These wonderful remedies!  Continued reporting on water cure
Bath in the eye Therapeutic Uses Reduces inflammation Reduces pain in the eye or around it   
  • Relieves sties
  • Strengthens the eye
  • Remove foreign objects in the eye:
The eye is very receptive to therapy by water. This is not only due to its sensitivity, but also to the fact that the nerve endings and muscles of the eye can be stimulated directly by water.

Use a measure of whiskey, sterile, or an eye wash cup, found at any drugstore. Fill with warm water. Apply directly to the eye open and rinse well.
To strengthen and tone the eye, spray cold water on it open or closed, as soon as you get up and when you lie down. Hot compresses, cold medicines and relieve inflammation of the eye, sties and pains that originate in the ocular region...
Bath ear Therapeutic Uses Remove hardened wax Removes insects and objects it reduces inflammation and abscesses thoroughly wash the ear with a small syringe
Use warm water:
 Bath head Therapeutic Uses Insulation Hysteria Congestion of the head
Some cases of epilepsy there are two types of shower head:
Procurement Put on the floor beside the bed, a tub or a large container, lay face down on the bed with his head above the container.

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